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Corporate Democratic Ship

(c) 2020

If this coronavirus pandemic and stay-at-home process has given us anything positive, it is an opportunity to learn and understand ourselves and our world a bit better, to see how we have lived our lives so that we might better understand how to go forward.

Be that as it may, I’m going to try and bring my perspective of where we are and how the US got to where it is today from a political perspective. I hope you will have an open mind and be willing to see how our political atmosphere has brought us to this twilight zone, and how we can move forward in the immediate future. To do so, we need to understand the political players and where we all stand in this game that affects each of us whether we like it or not.

First, there is the Grand Old Party (GOP) run by a grifter class of racist, authoritarian, patriarchal, and libertarian fascists. They are heavily funded by right-wing oligarchs like the Koch Foundation and others intent on removing democracy from the USA in the belief that any form of social benefit aside from military power should be used only to protect their assets or against everyone else. They are a minority and need to suppress voting to maintain power or relevance. They gain power by spreading fear of others, gerrymandering and stacking the justice system with right-wing, largely unqualified judges who will always side with corporate interests over the rights of citizens.

Trump is the personification of their ideal candidate, a vacuous and narcissistic liar/conman incapable of doing anything constructive for anyone who is not a member of his mob family of grifters.

#Trump is the personification of their ideal candidate, a vacuous and narcissistic liar/conman incapable of doing anything constructive for anyone who is not a member of his mob family of grifters. He feeds on the hatred of non-whites and his own greed and self-aggrandizement. Like all members of this party, his greed is insatiable. He is a clown and a constitutionally bankrupt failure, bringing the nation down with him, much as he has brought failure to his numerous businesses. His best friend is Russia’s Putin, a murderous criminal oligarch who manipulates Trump easily, as Trump needs his friend’s Russian money to survive his failures.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) leadership is the bought-and-paid-for neoliberal corporate party designed to maintain the status quo for the wealthy and powerful 1%, while providing trickledown compromises intended to pacify a declining middle class, minorities and the working poor. They are supported by a corporate-owned and biased Main Stream Media (MSM) that blocks dissent from the workers', independents' and minorities' classes. The party provides lip service to, but rarely fights for or serves its more liberal members, and establishes a voting system to keep them in check in party conventions. The party will always act against any form of social or economic justice that may harm their corporate masters while they work steadily to block working class power within the party

#Biden is currently their candidate, one with good name recognition but little else. A failed moderate former Vice President riding a connection to former President Obama, a compromise-tending racist and sexual harasser with clear signs of dementia and a history of lies and plagiarism. He supports the cutting of Social Security and is a supporter of war. He is indebted to the credit, healthcare and banking industries who keep the working class down and groveling for morsels just to get by. He is protected by a MSM that never questions his failures or exposes his massive flaws.

Middle and Working Class voters are the backbone of the nation. Nearly all support a form of Democratic Socialism found in seven of the top 10 nations on the Forbes top economic and happiest nations list. These hard-working people—who often have two or three jobs just to get by—fully support Medicare for All (M4A), The Green New Deal, living wages, social and economic justice and a fair tax system that creates recirculation of wealth to create good quality customers so independent businesses can survive and thrive.

Many unfortunately are overly and unknowingly influenced by the MSM to back the neoliberal agenda of the DNC, thus they vote at times for the candidate the DNC tells them is best for them, when in fact, they are supporting the 1% with their vote. The party was at one time a party of the Working Class, but long since abandoned that direction in favor of the Clinton Democratic Leadership Councils triangulation actions that took over the party in the early 1990’s. This was when the neoliberal took control and produced electoral losses that brought us to where we are today.

A faction and aware majority of the parties rank an file, but not the leadership, are aligned with and often support Independent US Senator from Vermont, an outspoken and unapologetic Democratic Socialist who is considered the most trusted politician in the nation as he has consistently held to his support of the working class for many decades. His record of integrity, of working with all communities to improve all citizens quality of life, with compassion and empathy, is unquestioned for his consistency and vision.

Now that the DNC and the MSM have successfully blocked and blacked out the initial success of the Sanders campaign, both in 2016 and 2020, and now that the certainty of a Biden nomination or a convention flip selecting another neoliberal candidate is a foregone conclusion.

Biden’s flaws will likely be exposed by the GOP and Trump in the general election because of Biden’s history of compromise and moderation. The same would be so with others who could not beat Bernie in the primaries. If they maintain their moderation, they will fail to bring out independent and younger voters (unlike Sanders) and the DNC will again lose to Trump as did Hillary Clinton in 2016. In particular, Biden has had a poor track record of supporting the middle class, of creating the significant debt that many students, both current and former, now face, and of providing no support for Working Class values such as M4A. The party and the MSM (Main Stream Media) is already trying to blame Sanders for such a loss, saying his failure to leave the race would somehow harm their already weak efforts. Now they do not have that excuse.

The best one can expect from a longshot #Biden presidency should he manage to win, is a combative GOP Senate, a stagnant four years and a more ruthless successor to Trump by a smarter and more sophisticated GOP fascist who will inspire working classes with promises of grandeur while instituting more effectively fascist/racist control of the nation and a destruction of democracy.

The largest block of voters in the nation is now made up of the independents who left both the GOP and DNC out of frustration, seeing that neither party is to be trusted, and rightfully so. So they will either vote for the candidate that tells the biggest lies from either party, or, more likely, they will not vote at all. This, along with a repeat of Hillary Clinton’s failure to campaign in key northern states, will again result in the loss by the Democrats of a majority in the slavery created Electoral College and thus the presidency. With this, it will likely just be a matter of time before the nation collapses toward fascism.

The only means of avoiding this outcome—the march to collapse and fascism—is to provide the apathetic voter, the independent voter, the blue collar voter who turned from Obama to Trump, and the younger voters who know the world they are facing with continued pressure on the DNC to move to a Democratic Socialist political revolution. If the party wants to remain relevant, it will have to open its doors even more.

Bernie's effective campaign had a very strong landslide victory in early states because the MSM was not initially engaged to stop his massive support on the ground. That support understood that real change only comes with trust and vision, but when the MSM and DNC realized they were in trouble if Bernie continued his political revolution, they pulled out all the stops to block it.

Voter suppression, media blackout, possible unverifiable electronic vote manipulation and, of course, constant attacks of fear that Democratic Socialism and Bernie in particular was actually some form of communism or pure socialism. All this worked to stall the Sanders campaign, along with the removal and payoff of other candidates in the race, having them align with the Blue Dog Biden to go forward.

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Now, with the incompetence and greed of the Trump regime having botched the response to the invasion of COVID-19, which in turn is triggering the collapse of an already weak economic system that propped up the 1% while treating all others like slaves to their neoliberal masters, the nation is coming to realize that Bernie Sanders and his vision of a nation working for the people, the working class, the #NotMeUS generation, is the only alternative to the parties which otherwise are only offering a choice between fascism and neoliberal control.

Bernie Sanders has been proven right on all of the following:

  • that the failed for-profit healthcare system must be replaced with Medicare for All;
  • that all working people do essential jobs and that they have been taken for granted for too long and must be provided the living wages and economic security to which they are entitled;
  • that Climate Change and rebuilding infrastructure are critical to protecting a society from economic collapse and a pandemic; and
  • that student debt (create by Biden) has crippled entire generations with unending economic servitude.

Sanders has been pushing to wipe out these debts, make education free for all and support a just economic system from the ground up and not the top down. He has been pushing this agenda for decades, and now, finally, everyone can see he was right to continue his fight to save this nation from fascism, and thus, destruction.

Bernie constantly spoke out against our tax dollars bailing out the corporations and big banks and feels everyone should instead be the recipient of at least $2000 a month until this pandemic is over, which he also sees as the best way to keep the economy going. Why? Because it is good quality customers that keep businesses in business, not lower taxes and bail outs for the wealthy or corporations.

Time is running out for humanity. The pandemic is just a small shark soon to be eaten by the larger shark of an economic collapse, followed by a catastrophic global warming crisis unfolding everyday before our eyes. Life on earth is like a frog slowly unaware it is soon to die while sitting in a pot of boiling water.

The nation doesn’t need another failed neoliberal but a Franklin Roosevelt, who’s actions enabled what came to be called the greatest generation to defeat Hitler and his fascist vision of global domination. FDR brought an end to the great depression and the USA's greatest period of prosperity, making it an economic powerhouse.

The GOP is a lost cause of greed, radical death panels and incompetence whose success is in blocking any social or economic justice with blatant disregard for those less fortunate.

The real test now is for the DNC to either revitalize itself and save the nation in the shadow of Sanders & FDR, or continue the insanity of neoliberal compromise, leaving a more angry and disenfranchised population looking in desperation for another false savior like Trump.

A note to Joe Biden, Obama’s words of ‘Hope’ will not serve this purpose, only strong progressive actions by the DNC candidate will speak to the needs of those who supported Sanders. You don’t deserve their support, you must earn it.

If the DNC wants to pretend it can continue on the way it has for the past 3 decades, they, and the people will lose and fascism will reign.

The choices the DNC make now could not be more clear.

For the aware progressives who have little faith in the DNC to do the right thing, joining efforts with coalitions that fight for social justice is essential to keeping the pressure on, there is no other alternative at this time.

A political revolution has begun, for as the USA goes, so goes life on the planet. There is no other option.

Let us save ourselves by understanding we are all in this together.

Thank you Bernie Sanders for bringing us this far, and I know you will stay in the fight for social and economic justice.

wayne williams

So must we.

Wayne Williams