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Apocalypse Not Now

There ARE no accidents Man. The Republican death wish is realizing itself. If only they kept to themselves, Brother Darwin's job could be so much tidier. But Darwinism has never been "tidy" for all its usefulness in thinning the herd.

There is a DIRECT line between voting Republican and Covid deaths! It says so right here on the map. The case study is the recent California Recall Election, where Republicans invested 100’s of $Millions in another Lost Cause. But while humanity is losing, there is a small consolation in knowing that both Brother Darwin and SCIENCE are winning. The problem is we want SCIENCE to work for us and be on our side. But many Republican elected officials have not been NICE to Mother Nature, so her vehicle SCIENCE is exacting retribution in the lives of the people who won’t dignify her.

The map illustrates how California looks and feels like two states: smart and stupid. American states were divided into slave states and “free states” before and during the Civil War. Since Donald Trump was president, the divisions among states are different.

There was a long pause in the Civil War between the Battle of Oxford, MS in 1962 (when “negro scholar” James Meredith enrolled in graduate school at Ole Miss), and the Siege of Capitol Hill on January 6. We had thought the Civil War ended in the fall of 1962 on the Ole Miss Football practice field. Then Donald Trump issued his battle cry to summon his unwashed masses to the Siege of Capitol Hill. Post-January 6, American states are categorized as “smart states,” and “stupid states,” according to their public health policies or strategies. We also have “nice states” and “mean states” with regard to cannabis laws. By now only six states are “really mean states” with NO provision for medical cannabis, or its agri-pharma derivatives.

American states are categorized as “smart states,” and “stupid states,” according to their public health policies or strategies.

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I grew up in Tennessee, a stupid state where Gov. Bill Lee is inundated with federal and municipal lawsuits challenging his right to sacrifice his constituents’ lives, in support of the Dual Lost Cause of the “stolen election” and irrelevance of SCIENCE. I went to grad school in Michigan, which has a smart governor in Gretchen Witmer, but a really stupid state legislature that didn’t even investigate the siege of the Michigan State Capitol, which was a dress-rehearsal for January 6. As with California, Michigan has smart counties and cities, and some really dumb and dumber ones. Now I live in one of the smart parts of California where EVERYONE wears a masks to the grocery store, and our vaccination rate is nearly unanimous. The exceptions include localized, extreme California Woo-Woo devotees. You know, the kind of white guys who wear white sox with Tevo sandals (thanks for that Michael Chabon, Telegraph Avenue), and their male or female partners who wash only occasionally, and consider anything above a monotone whisper to be “yelling.”

But just over the East Bay Hills into the Central Valley lie some really stupid counties, where the majority invested in Donald Trump’s Cult of Personality Disorder, or became subsumed by same at local school board meetings. Those people are Brother Darwin’s helpers in that “thin the herd” dynamic. So while part of the US seeks herd immunity by vaccination, the other part of the country is thinning their own herd in the name of dumb patriotism. Qualify Dumb? How about confusing the concept of “freedom” with the right to endanger the health of all your neighbors, co-workers and schoolmates? Or the right to collaterally kill one’s family & friends and other associates in the name of “personal freedom.” And dumb enough to sacrifice part of our fine equine population because Ivermectin, for de-worming horses, has become scarce at vets and feed stores, as internet research whizzes buy up the stuff for their own worms.

Most of us don’t want to die. But suddenly all these “right-to-life” Republicans are big on the “right-to-die,” and take friends and neighbors along for the ride.

Had songwriter John Prine not been an unfortunate and UNWILLING Covid victim, he might change the lyrics of “Please Don’t Bury Me,” to “Woke up this morning; put on my work clothes, went to the office and died . . . and oh what a feeling when my soul went through the ceiling, and with the anti-vaxers I did ride. . .” Poor John – an American musical and cultural treasure dead, because of people who prefer stupid “freedom” over thoughtful SCIENCE and sound public health strategies.


This week California survived another Republican attempt to overturn a popularly elected governor. One of their gripes is that he didn’t stop or prevent the pandemic or wildfires. Oh right, like their candidate is G-d, who can manage all that. No their candidate was a talk-show host who promised to repeal all mask and vaccine mandates, had he been elected. Fortunately it wasn’t even close, and Gavin Newsom is still our governor. But those Republican hits just keep on coming attacking SCIENCE, sound public health strategies and anyone not pushing to the front of the line for the Apocalypse train. The Right-to-Life Party has become the Apocalypse NOW Party under Trump.

Scott Prosterman