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Do you know that the most important assets of your organization are your employees? Imagine having all the capital, investments, technology but no employees? Will your organization survive? Therefore, it is important to create and maintain a healthy work environment where employees feel appreciated for their work. This boosts their morale which inadvertently benefits your business, so it’s a two-way thing.

So, what exactly is Appreciation Day for Employees?

It's a concept that developed in the corporate, office system where a day is designated for employees for their work and support. It can be monetary or non-monetary as well, for non-monetary you can Appreciate and recognize your employees as it’s a gesture of sincerity which boosts the self-esteem of employees leading to job satisfaction. For monetary it doesn't have to be cash-only, you can send out gifts as well. 

Many managers and employees forget to apply to their businesses is that taking care of your employees.

Now if you are wondering, what sort of kind you should give out, then stay with us, Following are a few amazing gift ideas you can use to appreciate your hard-working employees:


A simple logic that many managers and employees forget to apply to their businesses is that taking care of your employees. The gesture may or may not be expensive, small, or large but as they say, it's the intention that counts. A great way to do so is by giving your esteemed employees custom employee appreciation pins that have the company’s name or logo along with the employee's name on it.


‘Thank you’ is a small word but it carries huge meaning and emotions. Saying thank you to your employees may not cost you anything but small gestures like these make a big difference in making your employee feel valued. so, why don’t you write it down on a sticky note and leave it on their desk so that they can flaunt later in front of their pals?


When you feel that there is not much work left to do, and your employees have done a tremendous amount of work you may give them an early weekend off providing with dinner vouchers or you can ask them to enjoy with their families and reimburse the amount later. Of course, you may put a limit on it. You may also invite the team for outdoor activity like to play golf on Sundays, or dinner over the weekend. The company may the expenses. It can be anything that will engage them and help them to build a relationship with you and the rest of the employees socially. This will enhance their motivation level, leading to more productivity which will in the end benefit you in the long- run.

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- Giving them an early weekend off

- Present them with personalized gifts

- Plan a team outdoor activity/outing

- Take them out for an extravagant lunch or dinner

- Renovate and improve employees common room (perhaps upgrade that old coffee machine)

- Give them a paid day off

- Present valued, female employees with a spa day or a day at the salon

- Start a trend for “Employee of the Month

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Appreciating your employees is one of the most paramount strategies for business growth and creating a meaningful environment at work. It may be slightly heavy on the pockets but if you implement any of the above-mentioned ideas, it may become easier for you and also a lot more fun.