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Arrest Trump

The people must demand that President Trump be impeached, removed, and arrested. The House must take the only action it can: Impeachment. President-Elect Joe Biden will face two crises in his first one hundred days. He cannot sweep the insurrection under the rug. The Biden administration must accept this fact as it’s destiny and prepare to handle both crises promptly and correctly.

There must be accountability. Impeachment is the minimum. While there are always risks, as we have seen, failing to hold our leaders accountable for their actions increases the risk that they will continue to abuse their power. If we fail to act now we could face another coup attempt in the near future. If we don’t hold those responsible for inciting, planning, and participating in the assault on the Capital, they will return better organized and led.

If we don’t hold those responsible for inciting, planning, and participating in the assault on the Capital, they will return better organized and led.

There is no law against arresting the President. The United States Justice Department has a policy against indicting a sitting President, but this policy is subject to an exception in “extraordinary circumstances.” This situation, where the President has incited an insurrection, is an extraordinary circumstance justifying the arrest of the President. Police do not allow those who commit crimes causing death to be left in a position to commit those crimes again. As citizens, we can call for the arrest of the President. Even if it doesn’t happen before the 20th, we must arrest the President and his co-conspirators soon afterward. Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen must recognize that now is the time to act to protect the public.

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While arrest and incarceration is a police action, not a political process, the President must also be impeached and convicted either by this Congress or the next. A conviction would prevent him from running for office in the future and could justify reversing the pardons he issued to his co-conspirators. We should not only impeach and convict him for the insurrection we should also impeach him for the crimes identified in the Mueller Report, and we should impeach him again for pressuring the leader of Ukraine to interfere in our election and convict him on all three. Then we must reverse many of the pardons he issued. We cannot expect to solve the problem of systemic injustice if we allow our leaders to act with impunity.

The failure of the Capitol Police to protect the Capital was a manifestation of white privilege and systemic racism in the United States. We cannot have three systems of justice: one for the rich and national leaders who can act with impunity, one for white people and the middle class, and one for black and brown people who are killed with impunity. We cannot allow public officials to commit crimes. Indeed, the President should be held to the highest standard. We cannot expect to have a working system of justice if we allow our leaders to be above the law.

Arrest the President now! It's not precluded by the law, only policy; and that policy is subject to the exception of "extraordinary circumstances.” It's appropriate for citizens to call for the arrest of public officials who abuse their power. Trump can be President and in prison. Mike Pence can take over the responsibilities of the Office while the President is indisposed. The Attorney General should recognize that this situation is an exception to the policy and arrest the President before he incites further violence.

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Even if he is not arrested before the 20th, by calling for Trump’s arrest we will be on the right track for the future. We must protect democracy, defend the Constitution, address systemic injustice, heal our divisions, and hold our leaders accountable.

Rich Procida