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"Listen. If we don't get finished today, we're gonna be here 'til Christmas! You know how the process works!" ~ Speaker of the House John Boehner (R), Ohio, midday Thursday on Capitol Hill in D.C.

Three things, Mr. Boehner.

First, "the process" DOESN'T work because you broke it, and the proof of that is that you have presided over the least-productive congress in US history.

Second, you and your elitist protectors of the oligarchs just sprung your "Cromnibus" budget bill on the Congress THIS WEEK, with it's gutting of the EPA and unprecedented new "protections" for the "rights" of the uber-rich to buy our political system with limits set 500% higher, and all after gumming the works for an entire two-year session. Now you've gamed things in the final month with the intent of making this rabbit-from-a-hat bill is the only thing to be considered? And you had the gall to attempt to demand that it "must" be passed by midnight tonight, or you will cause a shutdown of the entire federal government (again)?

Third, you want sympathy because you might be there "'til Christmas," after working far fewer days all year than any Congress in over a hundred years?

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Reprehensible do-nothing obstructionist bloviating egotistical elitist extortionist bastard.

Shut the government down. Do it. Throw your temper-tantrum, shake your baby rattle, have another drink, crawl back into your tanning booth, and cry yourself to sleep because you can't give your extremist teabagger absolutists their way about everything.

EPA serves critical functions for the health of the people and the ecosystem of the planet, and it has, ever since it was created under the Nixon administration; even Reagan didn't try to starve it to death.

And despite what you seem to think in your insular fantasy world, America has had it with the super-rich controlling everything.


So shut it down until YOU remember "how the process works," Mr. Boehner.

Larry Wines