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BBA Aviation graduates

BBA aviation is designed to acknowledge students about the concepts of aeronautics and how to relate the techniques of electronics for designing the instruments of an electronic navigation system with a special focus on flight safety systems and landing gear. This subject area is inter-dependent on the software controlling everything that means even a slight glitch in any of those components can have terrible consequences on the overall performance of the aircraft. This program trains and moulds student into strong professionals for surviving the dynamics of aviation industry.

Read ahead to learn about the lucrative career options for BBA aviation graduates:

  • Aerospace inspector and Compliance Officer: They have to examine and evaluate the work and safety guidelines for aerospace bodies. They are responsible for examining the specifications of the machinery by analysing blueprints and models to inspect the equipment for quality and function. They make necessary recommendations for potential changes and write reports on their findings. They are also sometimes called as quality control inspectors as they have to check with the components of aircraft to design specifications as per the requirements of the aircraft.
  • Payload or Mission Specialist: Specialist trained in handling and operating highly classified and complex equipment to be carried on-board to conduct experiments into the space come under this domain. They advise the shuttle operator on the necessary steps to be taken during a particular experiment while overseeing the operations. 
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  • Data Processing Manager: This job role requires managerial skills where you have to supervise the team comprising of engineers, technicians, computer specialists, scientists, and other supporting experts. They look into the broader perspective for determining the technical and scientific goals to make advances in basic scientific research.
  • Aerospace Technician: Operating and maintaining the equipment used in developing, testing, producing, and sustaining aircraft and spacecraft is the responsibility of a technician. Their work is critical when it comes to preventing the failure of key parts of any launch vehicles which is about to fly into space. They also perform adjustments, replace faulty parts and repair the equipment’s according to the specifications.
  • Airport Operation Manager: The professionals in this domain are responsible for supervising the overall operations taking place in airport. They look after the maintenance work, control inventory, coordinate with clients in an effort to seal some potential deals, and review budget. Airport Operation Managers are in-charge of inspections, enforcements of airport guidelines and policies on time. The salary and benefits associated with this job role may vary depending upon the different countries.
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The aviation sector is advancing at a tremendous pace as the world is trying to connect efficiently for the common masses. More people are indulging in leisure travel, adventure, and exploring the world. If you have an undying fascination for aviation industry with some expert-level managerial skills, then aviation with BBA is a perfect fit for you. An aviation degree equips students with diverse skills that would help them face challenges of this ever-growing industry.