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To take your mind off of impeachment for a second, let's assume that Trump beats the rap ("I only asked for a favor, what's wrong with that?") and goes on to lose the November 2020 election.

Beyond Impeachment

In other words, we achieve what we hope happens, that the Stench is thrown out of office. Great!

Except not so great, because we're in the era technically known as fascism. Meaning that violence becomes part of the normal operations of government and politics. But It Can't Happen Here! you might remonstrate.

The civil war is here whether we like it or not. Our only hope of heading off fascism is organizing for power by taking over the Democratic Party.

It's already happened.

A friend and I were talking about the problem today. He pointed out, quite rightly, that the Stench's base is forty percentof public opinion. But that's plenty to control the situation. Because the large majority of the remaining sixty percent will just go along with things. The only hope we have is organizing among the non-T sixty percent and getting a core constituency (meaning Those who stand up) of much greater than forty percent.

How to do that is the question that we're always trying to figure out. But that's not my point right here.

One more illustration to the argument that fascism is here and probably can't be put back in the bag, sent to me by another friend who is an NRA member. It's a poster that says "Try and impeach our president and we the people will rise up by the millions!"

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The civil war is here whether we like it or not. Our only hope of heading off fascism is organizing for power by taking over the Democratic Party and then electing the various governmental authorities from town and school board all the way to the State capitals, as well as beyond to DC. By big margins. There is absolutely no time to lose. It's started,

I asked my friend David Dunaway, biographer of Pete Seeger, author of "How Can I Keep from Singing?" about what kept Pete going through all those years, the vicious dark times, the indignities and abuse he had to endure? David replied that he once asked Pete that question while writing the book. Pete answered "I always thought of myself as a soldier."

sutherland cat 720

Soldiers do what's needed, no matter what the cost.

(David, incidentally, has a brilliant article I've seen in draft about the literature on fascism in America. He reviews several works, including the great "It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis" and Philip Roth's "The Plot Against America," and remarks on the prescience of the literature).

What I know about fascism can be reduced to one image from the epic Bertolucci film, "1900." Donald Sutherland plays a country landowner who organizes the local fascist militia. To instill his comrades with the proper fascist fighting spirit, he punctuates his point by tying a cat up to a post and bashing it to death with his skull. That's fascism.

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Time for us to get organized for a nonviolent war for power. We gotta start thinking like Pete Seeger.

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