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Ben "BitBoy Crypto" Armstrong: The Up and Coming Crypto Influencer

YouTube channel takes a lot of time and planning. I started planning on launching the channel in 2017 and finally did it in 2018.
BitBoy Crypto

Isn't it helpful when you find the latest crypto industry news at your fingertips? You just click a few buttons, and you find the information about the currencies you want to trade or invest in. Ben Armstrong is one such person that keeps you updated about all things crypto. From world news that affects the value to the strategies you can implement to get higher returns, his YouTube channel, BitBoy Crypto, covers everything. It's a privilege to have him with us today. 

Q: Mr. Armstrong, thank you for taking the time out from your schedule to talk to us today. We would first like to know when did you decide to start a YouTube channel?

A: Thank you, guys, for having me here. I decided to start my YouTube channel in 2018. My stint at investing in Bitcoin began in 2012, but I failed to find much success. I refused to give up, though, because I saw the potential of cryptocurrencies and how digital assets could disrupt the future market. After learning as much as I can, I decided to do something for the crypto community to help aspiring investors. Starting a YouTube channel takes a lot of time and planning. I started planning on launching the channel in 2017 and finally did it in 2018.

Q: Why do you think your investment strategy failed in 2012?

A: This is an extremely volatile market, and I was still getting my feet wet in the field of cryptocurrency. I thought I knew about the industry and its strategies, but I turned out to be incredibly wrong. One wrong move, and I ended up losing a significant amount of money. It was probably my lack of maturity at that time that became the reason for my failure. But I suppose we all learn from our mistakes and move on.

Q: What type of information do you provide on your YouTube channel?

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A: Good question. My YouTube channel is dedicated only to the crypto market. I talk about trading strategies, the factors you need to consider before putting your money on a specific coin, and many other things related to this industry. My objective is to keep traders updated with the latest cryptocurrency information. This also includes crypto news from all over the world. I study the latest trends in currencies and share my views with my subscribers to trade accordingly.

Q: Aside from your YouTube channel, it seems you’re also active on TikTok. Why do you use this platform?

A: Like my YouTube channel, my TikTok profile is also called BitBoy Crypto. I make videos on random subjects here. I'm happy and proud to say that my TikTok profile has 2.4 million followers and counting. I think it's the success of my YouTube channel that brought success to my TikTok profile. I love the platform because it allows me to share short clips about different things that interest me and keeps me busy.

Q: What message do you have for other crypto enthusiasts?

A: Although this is a volatile market, it gives plenty of opportunities to transform your life for the better. And aside from the potential monetary gains, find joy in the fact that you’re one of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies. Sooner or later, everyone will realize that these digital coins are more than just a fad.

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We are sure that your words of wisdom will help thousands of investors. It was a pleasure talking to you, Mr. Armstrong. Thank you so much for your time.