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Typically, we associate the Cardtonic brand with a gift card trading app that lets us buy and sell at great rates. But what if we told you that they now offer an integrated bitcoin address feature, allowing each one of us a chance to send and receive bitcoin? 

Interested? You should be… and here’s why.

A Bit about Bitcoin

Bitcoin represents the next evolutionary step in the currency process. It operates in much the same way as actual cash, except that it is programmed. That pre-programmed payment can be arranged between traders and written into the code – making it a highly versatile way of potentially paying each other in the future.

Are you lost in the world of digital currency? One software development team is on a mission to make life easier.

But we aren’t here to argue the premise of cryptocurrency. We are here to make it more accessible to the ordinary person. To do that, we need to understand it. 

It takes groups of computers to create enough processing power to create a single bitcoin piece. The coding and programming are so high tech that it needs lots of concentrated power. This process of separating the workload makes it virtually unhackable. When the data is spread across multiple computers, it is unattainable by a single machine.

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For these reasons, it is considered to be one of the safest forms of cryptocurrency. It’s also known to be expensive. In 2010, a year after it was first mined, Bitcoin was worth about 8p per coin. By 2013, it was worth £13.50 per coin. The height came in 2020 when it was over £23,000 per coin ($28,000).

The Problem Cardtonic Fixes

The problem with bitcoin is that those who didn’t repurchase any way in 2010 are left unable to afford any now. Not only can they not afford them, but they also don’t have a way into the systems that bitcoin exists in. 

In short, your average Joe doesn’t have access to the type of technology you need to give and receive this vital cryptocurrency, and that’s where Cardtonic comes in.

This firm was previously better known for creating a platform for online gift cards purchase and sales. These gift cards are for all manner of shops, and the service itself supports Nigerian Naira. 

The app is highly versatile, being established on iOS and Android and working across phones, tablets, and laptops worldwide. They already had the infrastructure to implement the bitcoin wallet feature as a bonus to download their app. 

It’s such a versatile system that you don’t even need to download the app. You can use the website to create your bitcoin address, and you can start receiving your bitcoin trades from the moment it is set up. A considerable advantage of cryptocurrency is that you don’t have to wait around for the big-name banks to make the transfers. 

The Bitcoin Wallet in Cardtonic could Change Lives.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

If you have always been afraid to get in on the bitcoin market, Cardtonic offers a way around the confusion. Whether or not you take that chance is entirely up to you.