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Chris B is taking over the music industry like a fire storm with his unique raps, marketing, and voice. He has worked with celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Strange Music, Krizz Kaliko, Twisted Insane, Debo, and many more. He is growing tremendously, catching worldwide fans, inspiring many artists like Tom Macdonald to use Chris B’s same marketing strategy. He is also inspiring YouTuber and former UFC fighter Jake Paul to spend the same amount on his chain a week after Chris B dropped over $100,000 on his jewelry, congratulating himself for his success with his huge hit release, “6 Shooter Cowboy” featuring Haylee Cook, which hit over 1 million views on Facebook with an 1800s-themed music video. He has inspired artists like T-Pain to use the same cowboy visual for his newly released music video, “I Like Dat” featuring Kehlani two months later. Chris B has gained millions of views across all his social media with over half a million followers. Chris B’s massive buzz hitting the mainstream industry has landed him in magazines like Hip-Hop Weekly, XXL, and Thrive Global. This has led him to hit top 20 artists placing him number 5 alongside with Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish on Music Observer from all his well-deserved success.

Born Christopher Anthony Berry, known by his stage name Chris B, grabbed massive attention and popularity in the music industry with his first hit single, “I Don’t Even Know” hitting 1.4 million views on Facebook. Shortly following a year after, his new hit release, “Taste Like Sugar” hit 1 million views on Facebook in just a couple days and 100,000 views on YouTube. With the catchy colorful candy, beach visuals catching the attention of many and causing him to trend even further than he already is creating others to talk about it. He is making many mainstream artists to follow and keep a close eye on him such as Black Chyna, Hinder, Dax, Murkules, Snow Tha Product, Woah Vickey, and more. Chris B hit the mainstream in the blink of an eye, showing that one can make it being an independent artist bringing in large amounts of $32,000 in one payout proven by tax documents.

Chris B hit the mainstream in the blink of an eye, showing that one can make it being an independent artist bringing in large amounts of $32,000 in one payout.

Chris B is more than just a rapper. He is also a book author by dropping his first book published on Amazon called Planet Earth Seized of Destruction, making thousands of sales hitting number 1 best seller. He inspired celebrities like Kevin Hart, Will Smith, and T-Pain shortly after to release their books. This has shown that Chris B is definitely a trend setter. Chris B is the definition of being ahead of the trend, and he knows what the audience and people are going to like and want. Chris B also made a Roku channel to present the new TV show he is working on, leading off his three-minute movie skit on his music video “6 Shooter Cowboy,” showing he is also an actor.

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Chris B has 18 singles and 6 albums on all platforms. He has proven himself to be an influential creator and musician artist building notability overnight. Chris B released “Loot” featuring Haylee Cook, which hit over 300,000 views on Instagram, hitting Elevator Magazine. He is proving that acquiring views and fans is not an issue for this rising artist, hitting press like New York Weekly, LA Weekly, Atlanta Wire, Hollywood Digest, and Media Hype 101.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Chris B has an amazing upbringing life story filled with ups and downs, explaining to his fans that if you try hard enough and don’t give up, you will make it. Chris B’s fans keep a close eye on him day and night, waiting for his next move and next post, thriving for his motivation and positivity. He is also in the process of making his own podcast channel for his fans to connect closer to them.

Learn more about Chris B on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube and his website.