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Welcome to Connect the Dots. Today, we want to review two ways to stop Donald Trump and his team of racist thugs from taking over the country if not the world. Just to mention a few of them:

combatting trump

Connect The Dots: Combatting Trump—Lila Garrett

  • Tom Price: Head of Health and Human Services opposes anything that relates to either Health or Human Services. He’s against Medicare, Social Security, programs for women’s health including providing contraception for poor women. He’s the exact opposite of what the job calls for.
  • Jeff Sessions: Attorney General, former Ku Klux Clan supporter, lost a judgeship because of his virulent racism against blacks.
  • Michael Flynn: In charge of of Homeland Security, openly hates Muslims, but likes torture….especially water boarding & forced rectal feeding.
  • Myron Ebell: Trump's pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn't believe in climate change.
  • Steven Mnuchin: Goldman-Sachs billionaire, Trump's pick for Sec of the Treasury made his fortune by foreclosing on the homes of 36,000 people.
  • Betsy deVos: Trump's pick for Education Secretary doesn't believe in public education.
  • Ben Carson: Proposed new head of HUD says “poverty is a choice.”
  • Steve Bannon: This notorious anti-semite is Trump’s chief advisor. Famous for his extreme right politics, he’s widely regarded as the most powerful of Trump’s “team.”

The list goes on. Trump's choices really spit in the eye of “We The People.” He and his grotesque transition team are arguably the most dangerous takeover that has ever threatened our country.

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One way to stop them is to see to it that Trump is not inaugurated on January 20th. That can be done through the Electoral College, which votes on Dececember 19th. 38 electors must change their vote from Trump to Clinton and the Trump nightmare will be over. Just 38.

And particularly after the vote recount that’s going on now in Wisconsin and Michigan it can happen. It’s nothing really new. The Electoral College has changed the winner of the presidency five times in the past. Five times they’ve disagreed with the vote of the people and selected his opponent instead.

This included John Adams, who was replaced by Thomas Jefferson. Then John Adams won the people’s vote, but the Electoral College overrode him. This time the electoral college can agree with the vote of the people…Hillary Clinton has by now over 2.6 million more votes than Trump. The Electoral College can do the right thing by changing the winner from someone who basically lost the election to the person who actually won it. Hillary Clinton.

Five million people have already signed a petition demanding that the Electoral College make that change. You can find that petition on my Facebook Page, or online. Its called Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President. That’s when the electors vote. December 19th. Our future is riding on that day.

And the timidity of the Democratic Party has to change. Nancy Peloisi, who again was voted in as Leader of the Democratic minority, said the Democrats should work with Trump and his team.

Can she be serious? If you are familiar with the toxicity of the Trump agenda, you know there is no way to work with it. That’s like asking Congress to drink arsenic hoping they’ll get to like it.

The Trump racist, pro-war, pro-climate change agenda must be opposed every step of the way. The Republicans used that approach when Obama was elected. Mitch McConnell, Senate leader of the Republicans, publicly announced that the Republicans in the Senate and House would oppose Obama at every turn. McConnell stated firmly that he and the Republicans would see to it that Obama got nothing through. And that became the prophesy that has haunted us for the last 8 years. It worked, for them. Let’s take a page from their playbook. Let it work for us.

There’s a great new petition out sponsored by CredoAction.Com. It quotes Elizabeth Warren, who in short, said, if “Democrats don't stand strong, our government will be under the control of hatemongers, and corporate cronies whose only qualification is their loyalty to an authoritarian president-elect.”

You can find this exciting petition at or And, again, you can find a copy of it on my Facebook page. Sign on, share it, send it out to your entire list and to your Representatives. Let the Democratic Party know that if they have any spine at all this is the time to show it. There may be no other time.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today. That and a lot more. Congressperson Barbara Lee is with us as is Congressman Alan Grayson and activist Marcy Winograd. On the subject of Trump and Company, let’s begin with Congressperson Barbara Lee. Her time is limited because she is between votes in the Congress. So let’s get to her right now.


Lila Garrett
Connect The Dots