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Congratulations to Kamala Harris, California’s New Attorney General

kamala harris

Kamala Harris California Attorney General

On behalf of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, I congratulate Attorney General-Elect Kamala Harris for her victory. As of today, she leads Republican Steve Cooley by 51,585 votes statewide and she has widened her lead in Los Angeles County significantly by 312,925 votes. Clearly, Los Angeles County voters made the difference in Kamala's victory.

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party focused on energizing and mobilizing Democratic voters through the campaign season. LACDP has been engaged in observing the vote count process with the Harris campaign and allied groups since Election Night to make sure that every vote is counted as cast. We left no stone unturned and no voter behind - especially when it came to turning out Democratic voters in Republican areas - because every single vote counts in a close race like this one.

Today, we celebrate the voters' victory in shunning the Republicans' attempt to buy California's public offices. We celebrate taking the first step to rebuild the Golden State after seven years of failed Republican Governorship with a clean statewide Democratic sweep.

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Despite the Republicans spending more than a quarter-billion dollars, the voters of this great State have demonstrated that they would not be fooled and that their votes could not be bought. The values of the Democratic Party are those of the majority of Californians - and the voters have spoken loud and clear with this resounding Democratic victory.

Eric Bauman

On behalf of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, we congratulate Kamala Harris on her victory. We look forward to working with her and all of the outstanding Democratic statewide constitutional officers-elect to put California back on track.

Eric Bauman