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For hundreds of years, political cartoonists have produced content that informs in ways that can't be achieved by written content or photojournalism alone. This form of journalism has long endured because of its effectiveness. But recently, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette decided that maybe one of its editorial cartoonists was too effective. How else do you explain the Post-Gazette's refusal to publish 34-year veteran, Rob Rogers, left-leaning cartoons.

Critical of Trump - Political Cartoonist Fired

Two days ago, in a piece published by the Washington Post, Rob Rogers—who has been an editorial cartoonist with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for more than 25 years—says that he’s had only two to three cartoons a year, on average, killed by his editors. But in the past four months, nine cartoon ideas and 10 finished cartoons were deemed unworthy of publishing by the Post-Gazette.

Critical of Trump - Political Cartoonist Fired

Then, yesterday, Rob Rogers tweeted that he had been fired. He has reason to believe that his dismissal was directly tied to his unfavorable portrayal of Donald Trump. Following are some of the images being shared on Twitter. Take a look at them but PLEASE, don't just look—SHARE. The firing of Rob Rogers must be met with opposition. With the repeal of Net Neutrality, your access to the kind of content you choose to read could be greatly controlled by your internet service provider (ISP) in the very near future. While you still can, do what you can to RESIST.

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Here is a link to Rob Rogers website where you can find many more of his cartoons. Enjoy. Summit cartoon:

Sharon Kyle
Publisher, LA Progressive