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I am continually astounded by the mindset of many people I know, close friends even, who think, there is no difference between the two parties, and that all politicians are the same.

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Well, that's just not true. Saying that is a sign of ignorance and understandable frustration, but it is also an easy cop-out to becoming aware and responsible for ourselves, our community, our nation, and the world we inhabit.

What Democrats have to offer is a way to move forward; what Republicant's desire is to move backwards. Republicant's sell you a fantasy time where the wealthy had no restrictions and people knew their place (you know what I mean). But it was a painful time for millions of Americans until Democrats and some old-school moderate Republicans came in and provided opportunity created through government programs. These included the GI Bill, free public education, Social Security, Medicare, roads, bridges, JOBS, and environmental protections to name just a few. Things we used to do -- Reinvest, Rebuild, Restore our nation -- that Republicant's are presently reworking to stop, even reverse!

First off, let me say I have many issues with Democrats where at the least I'm frustrated by their often apparent lack of backbone, and their failure to stand upon well-established progressive, liberal, democratic and principled ideals which have proven track records of success and growth for all.

I am beyond disappointed that Democrats do not confront, head on, the significant power of money in politics, and for practical reasons play the money game, making their candidates, in some cases, beholden to corporate interests. I am frustrated by union infighting that gives some Democratic leadership reason to stall solutions to get money out of the political game, or at the least, make funding sources far more transparent.

Additionally, we should all be astounded at how Obama, our Constitutional Lawyer President, has continued the Bush Administration's policies of the destruction of habeas corpus and other civil liberties. This is all happening while the administration conducts targeted assassinations of US citizens and there is a proliferation of massive military spending. Meanwhile, our nation's problems starve for repair and rebuilding.

Let me set the record straight! Republicant's along with fellow greedy and obscenely wealthy Libertarians and Corporatists, selfishly view the world as a ship of fools to dominate with fear-mongering. Using the minions of Faux News et all, they continually sell the meme that patriarchy and oligarchy are for those who are well off and can dominate and control the rest of us by any means necessary. They use deception and greed, along with their wealth, to grab and maintain control at all costs, because they supposedly built it without any help from others. They premise their righteous con while using doctrines (both religious and economically based) that are never questioned for evidence or justification.

On the other hand, Democrats perceive a world where people do better when they work together. Corporate-driven mainstream media has done a terrific job of devaluing social activism to the point where Democratic politicians fear talking openly about what will work for progressive change and the betterment of society. That said, here is what the Democrats have tried to pass and what has been blocked by Republicant's which shows the true story of where we are today. This is why we all need to get in the game, become aware, stand up, be counted, and vote in order to move forward without fear rather than cowering backwards in a state of apathy.

Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

  • Republicant's use and expansion of the filibuster has been nothing short of tyranny of the minority, abusively used more in the past two years than in all years since it was put in place, and it has been deceitfully expanded beyond comprehension.
  • Democrats supported: H.R. 12 Paycheck Fairness Act. Republicant's voted no, stopping women from getting the same pay as men for the same job.
  • Democrats supported: H.R. 448 - Elder Abuse Victims Act. Republicant's voted NO, stopping procedures intended to minimize effects of neglect and exploitation of older Americans.
  • Democrats supported: H.H 466 - Wounded Veteran Job Security Act. Republicant's voted NO, as they don't want to provide any form of job security for those who fought to protect all our freedoms.
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Are you seeing a pattern here? But wait, there is still more to this extremely long list, so I will refer you to a two-year-old article posted at "Please Cut The Crap" blog by Milt Shook. A slew of American voters did not vote in the election of 2010 which caused a group of Tea Party crazies to be installed in Congress. To this day, they block every effort to improve the lives of the 99%.

Now, it is particularly crucial to note that the US Congress, under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, passed a Public Option to the Affordable Care Act which would have spurred real substantive change into the healthcare system, essentially creating a Medicare for All system. Yet once again, Republicant's in the Senate, by merely using the threat of a filibuster, worked to protect private healthcare insurance corporations from taking a massive hit for their high fee systems and managed to get it removed from the Bill. We will have to hope and work to help Democrats win control of the Congress in 2012, and kill the filibuster rule in the Senate once and for all.

And how about that Job Creation thing Republicant's said they were so keen on doing when their Tea Party folks took over Congress in 2011?

Check out Republican Job Creation where you will find a well-defined chronological list of legislation by the GOP, which has failed to act to create jobs. Frankly, even moderate Republicans should be embarrassed enough by this legislation to vote for a Democratic ticket this time around.

As the author so well stated on the blog, "Sorry. No job creation here. In fact, if you want to really understand what the Republican Party is trying to tell you simply insert the phrase "corporate profits" every time they say "jobs"."

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By the way, how is that Trickle Down, Don't Tax the Rich, Supply Side or what ever other kind of economics Republicant's and libertarians have been selling working for you? If you are doing well, you are most likely part of the 1%. If you are not, and you do not plan to vote or vote Green or Independent in this next election, you are going to be acting against your own best self interests.

Wayne Williams
Vallye Dems United

Margie Murray, Editor

Published: Monday, 17 Septembee 2012