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The Mueller Investigation is unequivocal about Russia's involvement in our election. We now know the Trump campaign sought its help, had many contacts with Russians, lied about it and obstructed the investigation into it. Several senior Trump associates were convicted of crimes. Robert Mueller stated both in his extensive report and in testimony to congress that Trump would have been indicted if he wasn’t President. So what is stopping us from moving forward on an impeachment inquiry? The answer is that there haven't been enough congressional representatives to stand up and say they will support one.

Does Your Representative Support Impeachment?

Below is a list of the current members of the U.S. House including their political party and their district. Also indicated is whether they support or have not -- as yet -- indicated support for an impeachment inquiry. So check the search box below to answer the question, "Does Your Representative Support Impeachment?" and PLEASE SHARE THIS POST

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According to the website,"Need to Impeach", House Democrats know that Donald Trump is unfit for office. Yet instead of moving forward with impeachment, they appear consumed with whether or not they will suffer for it politically.

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The Case for Impeachment Summarized (from Need to Impeach)

Acting on impeachment would force Senate Republicans to publicly stand with Mr. Trump — just as they’ve stood with him as he’s willfully obstructed justice, profited off the presidency, and brazenly lied to the public. In the 2018 midterm elections, the American people made it clear they do not want representatives who are blindly devoted to Mr. Trump. Instead, they want people in office who will hold him accountable, and if Republicans continue to stick by the President, let them do so on the record.

The impeachment process can sway public opinion and force a reckoning among the President’s partisan defenders. Fewer than 30% of Americans wanted Richard Nixon impeached when the House Judiciary Committee began its investigation. But after the Committee uncovered evidence, and the public had the opportunity to hear sworn testimony on live television and judge President Nixon’s corrupt wrongdoing for themselves, support for Nixon’s ouster soared to 57%.

The stage is already set for a Trump reckoning. Most Americans strongly dislike Mr. Trump; 55% of independents disapprove of his presidency, and 30% of conservatives say they won’t vote for him in 2020. Those feelings only intensify when public hearings like Michael Cohen’s or the release of the redacted Mueller report dominate the news. The impeachment process would remind these voters why they don’t approve of this lawless president.