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Emilie Kirchgesner

Emilie Kirchgesner has been dancing, singing, and acting since the age of 3. She grew up moving seriously in each style and prepared in a few melodic theater intensives in New York and Los Angeles. In her High School, she additionally took tests for Ballet (Advanced Tap and Advanced 1). At the point when she cleared her tests, she went to Saskatoon to Toronto, applied for Randolph Academy, and through her persistent effort she made it in. It was a pleasing second for her and her family. She likewise went to perform for Canada's Wonderland for two straight years after that.

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She has likewise built up her product ( and keeps on teaming up with different specialists, performers, artists, and choreographers on various activities. Like-wise serious preparation was done in voice adjustments to stand apart from the group. Emilie has worked in a few music recordings, acting advertisements, visitor workshops, styled shoots, and office signings. Emilie Kirchgesner is herself an instructor and she loves to show understudies her craft of singing and moving.

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At 20 years old years she has a name included in Portfolio Global Magazine, whereas individuals of her age are as yet sorting out what to do in their life. Even though she had acquired such a lot of notoriety at this youthful age, she never let it hit her head, rather she is an unassuming and rational individual which makes her an inspiration to the majority. She has been into the dressing line of both men and women. Her inspiration embraces both sides of fashion. She feels like dressing talks a lot about people, she feels that baggy clothing is an escape to comfort. She feels the baggy style of clothing is cute.

She feels that wearing any type of clothing is a part of self-love. She is also inspired by thrift shops and thrift companies. She mixes and matches different types of articles of clothing to create a style of fashion. She likes to wear chains and jewelry and she feels different types of accessories talk a lot about different people. Dance and fashion go hand in hand as they both play an important role in showing the audience the theme of a dance form. Every unique look they create to compliment an outfit on stage is so cool to watch come together.

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She also appreciates other people's art and creation and finds her habit of helping people in making them feel confident good. In the future, she wishes to have a collaborate with big brands and create her design one day.