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The pandemic was like a bottleneck in the regular order of things that nobody saw coming. It affected every area of life and brought to focus how seemingly different aspects, agencies, businesses, and people are connected. However, seeing as we are not living in the 18th century and are equipped with technology that 'shone' during the lockdown, social media evangelists and digital marketers netizens, in general, have found erstwhile hidden crevices of opportunities, trends, and solutions to cope with the change. Faisal Sharaf, regional manager of Kingston studies based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, shares his top five digital marketing trends that caught popular imagination during the pandemic. 

Content that interacts

 Marketers would do best to keep in mind that engaging stories in video form are the most impactful tool they have to capture the "eyeballs of their customers."

"Video content is where it's at," announces Sharaf. "People could bear the isolation and social distancing because they found ways to keep their spirits up by watching uplifting videos and stay in touch digitally." Marketers would do best to keep in mind that engaging stories in video form are the most impactful tool they have to capture the "eyeballs of their customers."

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E-commerce is essential

The last seven months were tough on people. Some of the biggest brands asked employees to leave, creating a vast gaping hole in the future of online shopping. But e-commerce became more robust than anticipated. Sharaf adds, "Despite the economic downturn, retail jumped 34%. And true to their personality, large companies like Amazon are hiring more employees to keep pace with the growth.

Mobile Upward

Sharaf suggests his clients to "invest more and more in mobile optimization. It's only common sense. People's phones turned into their best friends during the pandemic. And it's important to capitalize on the growth by building mobile-friendly formats."

Stories sell

If you look back at the last seven months, what is the most prominent feature in your flashback? According to Sharaf, it's most likely "content that gave you something to do, something to keep in mind for the future. It could be as simple as videos on making dalgona coffee on Instagram, or of home fitness routines." They all created what he calls "shoppable content – interesting, engaging, and worth investing in."

Show yourself

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

 COVID brought many businesses to their knees. "It's time," Sharaf says, "to share your wounds and those of your employees. These are real stories and have an echo value beyond any that have been experienced before. So, show yourself to the world and watch your business heal."

Sharaf is very adept at keeping a calm and open mind during a crisis. This ability is how he managed to see the light at the end of the tunnel during the pandemic and did his best to help others see it too.