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There is no valid argument, no justifiable position, no viable political strategy that begins with “the President should be allowed to get away with crimes, because.” One cannot say with one breath that the President has committed crimes and then with the other say “oh well, he’s the President. He is allowed to do those things.”

Fear Donald Trump

To allow the President to commit crimes is tyranny. The Democrats are trapped in their own rhetoric. The argument that the President has committed crimes yet should not be held accountable is so legally and politically deficient it cannot stand.

Like Jeffery Epstein, too many people have allowed Donald Trump to get away with crimes throughout his life. Congress should not be one of them.

If the President has committed crimes, as Nancy Pelosi says, on what grounds does she choose not to prosecute? Like Jeffery Epstein, too many people have allowed Donald Trump to get away with crimes throughout his life. Congress should not be one of them.

How can we ever hope to end structural violence in we can’t even hold the President accountable for his crimes? How can we deal with white supremacy without dealing with the White Supremacist in Chief? Do we think that letting the President get away with crimes is going to win us the election?

We are giving Trump a huge gift by failing to prosecute him. As Representative Al Green says, history will not judge us kindly if we allow the President to evade responsibility for his conduct. If we allow the President to get away with impeachable offenses so that he can say that “it was all a witch hunt, the Mueller Report came to nothing,” thereby allowing people to believe that he has been “totally exonerated,” then we should just expect all of his supporters and more to show up to the polls.

We have a very limited time in which to hold the President accountable for his impeachable offenses. This is the issue our nation decide now at this time in history. We must decide whether the President of the United States is allowed to commit crimes and other impeachable offenses, or whether we will defend the Constitution and our democratic institutions at a time when nationalism is on the rise and our democracy is under attack?

If we allow President Trump to get away with impeachable conduct, if he wins the election, which he just might since we have effectively acquitted him, he will begin to investigate the investigators. To investigate public servants just for doing their jobs is a direct insult to our democratic institutions. If Congress refuses to hold this President accountable for his crimes while hundreds of thousands of Americans are doing time for lesser crimes, we are welcoming fascism and dismantling our democracy.

Are we so afraid of losing the election that we can’t hold the President to account for his crimes and impeachable conduct? After two years of investigation, the Mueller report is out and it shows impeachable offenses. Have we come to the finish line and then lost our nerve?

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There are many ways in which opening an impeachment inquiry hurts the Republicans and helps the Democrats. Going over the last four years of everything Donald Trump has said and done could go badly for him and the Republicans. I don’t believe for one second that President Trump or the Republicans want an impeachment fight.

Forget about waiting until after the election. The people will have spoken and it will be too late. If the United States House of Representatives won’t stand up to Donald Trump, what makes anyone think the lower courts will?

The most disturbing thing in the Mueller report is that Trump encouraged a foreign nation to commit espionage against the United States and its institutions while at the very same time that espionage was happening. At the same time that Donald Trump, Jr. was looking for “dirt on Hillary Clinton” from foreign agents, and candidate Donald Trump was asking Russia to release Clinton emails, Russian agents were hacking into Democratic Party and Clinton campaign servers and working with Julian Assange to release stolen emails.

After seeking to benefit from Russian espionage, high-level officials in the Trump campaign lied and attempted to cover up their contacts with Russian agents and many went to jail. President Trump then attempted to obstruct the investigation into the very criminal activity he had encouraged and sought to benefit from.

The point is to hold the President accountable to the extent we are able. We cannot allow our President to be above the law and expect to preserve our democratic institutions at the same time. Every imaginable excuse for not holding this President to account has been offered to discourage us from standing up to him.

The Democrats are in an unbearable situation. Many have issued omens of fear should impeachment fail. Congress is weak and afraid.

It’s not Bob Mueller’s responsibility to tell Congress whether President Trump committed impeachable offenses. Nor is it his duty to charge the President with a crime. It’s the duty of Congress to act as a check on a President who has abused his power or who has violated the law, and it’s the strategically necessary thing to do if we are to defend the Constitution, fight for democracy, stem the tide of fascism and win the next election.

A great leader once said that we have only one thing to fear and that thing is fear itself. We don’t need to be afraid of Donald Trump, and we don’t need to let him get away with crimes either. There are plenty of issues that need to be addressed, not to the exclusion of others, and holding the President to account for his crimes is an issue this nation must face now at this time in history before it’s too late.

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Rich Procida