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What is the fundamental difference between the GOP Congress and International Terrorists? Answer: Both are bent on destroying our government and the Constitution of the United States out of hatred. The major difference between the two groups is that we U.S. taxpayers are paying the defective evil child-like GOP Congress’ jihad, to do its destruction, obstruction and domestic terrorism. Why? In order to gain Republican Corporate control and to destroy the money and programs that built the middle class so the GOP can have the power and rule of plutocracy. According to polls, the middle class is catching on to the GOP’s dastardly plan.

ronnie reagan

Does the Republican Congress truly hate our government and our democracy?

Answer: Of course they do. Then why do the Republicans and their mega rich benefactors want to run (read ‘ruin’) our country if they hate our government?

Answer: The GOP jihad wants to ruin our country to control money, profit, power and to privatize the United States. By buying, manipulating, destroying and running the country as if it were a business instead of a government, the GOP jihad can then say hello and good-bye to the assets of all the social programs, like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, pensions and our U.S. Post Office. Then money will flow to the top and the banks, oil companies, insurance companies, the military/industrial complex and Big Pharma, along with the very wealthy. Then Republicans will have control.

Under “Tricky Dicky” Nixon, the buying of an election and government got underway with the benign sounding “dirty tricks.” Then dirty tricks turned into Watergate. Nixon: “Money is not a problem.” The heavy bank vault doors swung open and the Republicans could start buying politicians and judges.

Today, former president Ronald Reagan, who is regarded reverently and almost religiously by most mainstream (no such animal) Republicans couldn’t even win a primary election by recent GOP jihad standards.

History will eventually let us know that Reagan’s win in 1980 was a coup and traitorous. “The October Surprise,” (The release of the American hostages in Iran, the minute Reagan was sworn in) was an organized cabal when government (CIA) and non-government persons worked actively with members of the Reagan-Bush campaign to influence the outcome of the 1980 election. William Casey quit as Director of the CIA to become the Campaign Manager for Reagan. Vice President Contender George H W Bush was the former Director of the CIA.

Reagan really kickstarted the jihad mantra of Government hate: ‘The most frightening words in the English language are; “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Reagan then fired the air traffic controllers and used their firing to bust unions. Hatred of government became fashionable and the apparent reason that today’s Republicans need assault weapons or at least an M1 Abrams tank to protect themselves from our duly elected government non-Republican officials.

After Reagan, the mantle of the presidency passed on to “Read My Lips. No New Taxes” H.G.W. Bush. Then after a needed tax rise, Bush lost to William J. Clinton. The GOP was outraged. “Never again would they lose an election. Republicans by this time recognized “No new taxes” jihad was the way they could win.

Then they threw in CIA tactics, Hitler-like fear propaganda, promoting right-wing AM radio and think tanks. More CIA with voter suppression, voter intimidation, race baiting, ownership of electronic voter and data machines, false registration, misinformation, deletion of voters from voters lists, (over 100,000 Democrats in Florida 2000) falsify ballots, false ballots, destroy ballots, hack and falsify electronic vote counting machines and sophisticated schemes like ‘Caging’ and Robocalls.

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There was no way the Republicans would lose in 2000. They now had the Supreme Court in their pocket, when Justice Scalia’s infamous phrase in turning the election over to George W. Bush. “If the vote count wasn’t stopped it would do irreparable harm to George W. Bush.” Bush won by a whopping 537 votes! You believe it?

The CIA had learned years ago how to overthrow a banana republic. Then the Republicans realized that the jihad tactics could be used to overcome the Democrat Party and steal elections.

To demonstrate that government just doesn’t work (under the Republican jihad rule) during the G. W. Bush Administration, totally unqualified people like Michael Brown was selected to run FEMA. KATRINA happens. The result: “Heck of a job, Brownie.” Bush then used Recess Appointment to appoint the worst people for the most important jobs.

Destroy the Unions and help to destroy the State of the Union. The current biased Supreme Court, to show how fair and balanced they were in their devastating ruling on Citizens United, allowed only Unions and Corporations to be free to donate unlimited anonymous funds in elections to whomever they wanted to buy. As soon as the Citizen United came down, the Far Right to Work GOP Governors set out to make new laws to destroy the Unions and fool the workers.

Take the U.S. Post Office as an example. (Please don’t let the GOP jihad stamp out our beloved Post Office!) It’s so clear why the Republicans want to destroy the Post Office. Because it’s on the GOP top 5 destruction list for privatization. Under a GOP takeover it will cost 5 times the rate to mail First Class. They’ll use former carriers at half the salary and no benefits, with no pensions.

What’s most disturbing, disgusting, and outrageous is that the Republicans haven’t won a legitimate election since President Eisenhower. Their last four wins have been done with manipulation, unconstitutional law breaking misdirection, intimidation, misbegotten money and voter fraud. The GOP could never win with their failed policies and couldn’t win if they didn’t use their lies, deceit and what has become a “legitimate rape” of We the People.

What started as Dirty Tricks had become outright lies, corruption, greed, obstruction and has currently turned into insanity with the most dysfunctional GOP Congress in our United States history. The Republicans have patterned their deficit austerity program on the failed Greek Austerity plan. What the GOP won’t accept is that austerity hurts growth immensely. Over 98% of legitimate economist’s declare that a stimulus is what’s needed to kick start the economy.

Jerry Drucker

In reality Government spending that the GOP jihad constantly screams about is the lowest for a president in modern history. The deficit today is smaller by half since President Obama came into office! Why the Liberal media isn’t pointing that out every day is beyond understanding and common sense.

It appears that today’s Republican Congress has taken the George W. Bush bumper sticker motto for failure. “If it ain’t broke, break it!”

Jerry Drucker
Valley Dems United

Monday, 18 March 2013