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If you say anything critical of Donald J. Trump on anti-social media you will, before long, be called a "hater." The word usually appears in a sentence devoid of punctuation. The word "there" will appear when the word "they're" or "their" is intended, and the sentence in which it appears will end with a volley of exclamation marks!!!!! The words "libtard" and "snowflake" are likely to turn up, though "hater" is really in vogue with the right wingers these days.

hating trump

My feelings about Donald Trump and his minions, from Steve Mnuchin to Betsy DeVos, Sarah Huckabee Sanders to the insufferable Mike Pence, are far from favorable. I don't know them personally, of course, but I surely hate the Scrooge-like mean streak and callousness they embody, along with their perverse values and sense of entitled superiority to most everyone else.

I don't know them personally, of course, but I surely hate the Scrooge-like mean streak and callousness they embody, along with their perverse values and sense of entitled superiority to most everyone else.

There's hardly a Trumpster who doesn't prompt a visceral reaction of intense dislike barely distinguishable from hatred. When I see those faces on TV, I feel something close to hatred for the selfishness they embody, the cruel indifference they show toward their fellow human beings, the unrestrained avarice and greed that seems to drive most everything they support. I hate the relentless class warfare they wage against working people. I hate their ill-disguised racism, their tribal enshrinement of sexism of the crudest kind. I despise their disdain for education, their fascistic embrace of ignorance, their rejection of science, their ignorance of or indifference to history, their tolerance for the intolerable and their intolerance of so much else .

Nor is it just the Republican big shots, from Trump on down to our own local hypocrite and liar, Congressman Doug LaMalfa, who prompt such deeply negative feelings. I hate the way their deplorable followers refuse to question what they hear on Fox, what they're told on Sinclair radio, what they read in Breitbart News. I hate the fact so many are so malleable that even an obvious lunatic like Alex Jones can lead them to believe insane conspiracy theories and National Enquirer-style nightmares about menacing liberals, Mexican rapists, socialist mind warpers, and Hillary Clinton using children in her sex slave rings.

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I hate that they so mindlessly believe that subversives in schools are brainwashing their kids. I hate that they think news sources like The New York Times lies to them with every word, a belief they hold because they've been told that all news is "fake" unless it praises the people they so gullibly believe with such slack-jawed credulity. I hate what Trump and his followers are doing to America's standing in the world, hate how stupid they are making us look, how feckless, reckless and irresponsible we seem to be for having installed a man who now humiliates and embarrasses us on a daily basis, tweeting his inane nonsense, attacking anyone who garners his displeasure.

I hate the eager willingness to tolerate fascists, Klansmen, and accused pedophiles (29% of Alabama Republicans say that are MORE likely to vote for Roy Moore AFTER he was accused of sexual predation on teenage girls). I hate the way they seem enthralled by a man who makes fun of disabled people, foments division, encourages violence, and spends taxpayer money so lavishly for his weekly golf sojourns at Mar-a-Lago and other resorts he owns. And I hate the fact that so many believed that this guy, whose products and whose daughter's products are mostly made in China or Vietnam, was the guy who was going to bring jobs back to the U.S. I hate the fact that polls show a majority of Trump supporters think black Americans are more of a threat to this country than North Korea, or that Democrats are worse than child molesters.

I hate the shame they've brought to us all. And I hate how damn near every damn day, Donald Trump or Republicans like our own Doug LaMalfa cough up yet another reason for fear and division, even in this season of peace on earth, good will to men, making it harder for Americans to get along with one another, let alone with the rest of the world.

Nonetheless, I hate hating people, so I guess I'll take a page from the evangelical playbook and attempt to hate the sin, but not these right wing sinners who love a man who brags about sexual depredation, hides his taxes, and advocates taking from the poor to give to the rich in ways no real Christian would support.

I do, however, know enough about Donald Trump to hate him. I wish I didn't, but some people are truly worthy of hate. Hitler and Stalin were such despicable people, and though Trump has not yet been responsible for as many deaths as those dastardly men, it sure isn't for want of trying. Perhaps we should be grateful he spends so much time tweeting and playing golf.

jaime oneill

Jaime O'Neill