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Herman Cain Is Not Ready For Prime Time But Is Likely To Get A Prime Time Gig

The fact that a significant segment of Republicans support for president a man whose economic plan is a slogan that makes no economic sense and who makes it a point of pride that he knows nothing about foreign affairs says far more about the sorry state of the GOP than about Herman Cain.

In the wake of the latest firestorm surrounding allegations of an extra-marital affair, Cain is reportedly reassessing his candidacy. But it has long been obvious that Cain was never a serious candidate. He never developed a national organization or any kind of infrastructure in key states or raised enough money to sustain the campaign. And he must have known that the sexual harassment allegations and his long-time affair would surface at some point.

Which all leads to the conclusion that Cain never intended on becoming the Republican candidate for president. What he has done, thanks to the insanity of the Republican nominating process and a gullible and compliant media, is become another right wing celebrity.

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andy love

So what's next for Herman Cain? A lucrative book deal and a job as a pundit with Fox News, or maybe CNN.

Mission accomplished.

Andy Love
Fair and Unbalanced