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I spent a couple of hours going through Google and trying to identify left-wing political organizations in the U.S. These are the ones I’ve found so far:

Hoping For Coherence
  • Green Party
  • Progressive Party USA
  • Movement for a People’s Party
  • Socialist Party (Democratic Socialist)
  • Democratic Socialists
  • Socialist Workers Party (communist)
  • Bread and Roses Party
  • Socialist Equality Party (Trotskyist)
  • Socialist Action Party
  • Reform Party (Ross Perot)
  • Peace and Freedom Party
  • Legal Marijuana Now Party
  • Socialist Alternative (Trotskyist)
  • Communist Party USA (communist)
  • Party for Socialism and Liberation (communist)
  • Spartacist League

I’m not even sure that the Spartacist League actually exists in the U.S. any more. The Reform Party is probably more of a center party. The Progressive Party USA traces its roots back to Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 and other versions of the party. It does have a website.

If Trump is victorious in 2020, I would suspect that the Democratic Party might collapse.

I started looking because Movement for a People’s Party has been a third party. Others (Green, Socialist, etc.) have moved towards coalition forms in 2020. It’s sort of strange that you can have Trotskyist parties that are split up.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation says about itself: We are united in our belief that capitalism—the system in which all wealth and power is held by a tiny group of billionaires and their state—is the source of the main problems confronting humanity today. It must be replaced by socialism, a system where poor and working people have power and the wealth of society is used in a planned and sustainable way to meet people’s needs. I have seen the PSL, the Communist Party USA and the Socialist Workers Party all identified as the communist party. However, they appear to be separate and functioning. To me, it would make sense that all of these groups, however big or small, would have a meeting (via ZOOM) and try to share their beliefs and see whether they might have a coalition started in 2022.

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If Trump is victorious in 2020, I would suspect that the Democratic Party might collapse. A substantial section of that party (at least 15-20%) are Bernie-ites, and they really don’t like the way it operates. But the Bernie-ites (for the most part) have DP backgrounds. In number, they are probably equal to most if not all of the small parties combined. If the small parties could coalesce and bring the Bernie-ites in with them, they would have the start of a major party. Most of these small groups want an end to crony capitalism and a much more socialistic society. So why can’t they get and stay together?

Howie Hawkins, who is running for President on the Green Party, has received an endorsement from the Socialists. Wisely, he has invited the Bernie-ites to join the Greens. You don’t have to be Socialist to be Green, or vice-versa, and yet most Greens are some socialist and I would be most socialists are very environmentalist. Not all Bernie-ites are socialists, but a lot of them follow Bernie’s thinking, of course. And I’d think it would be difficult to find a non-environmentalist Bernie-ite.

Since Howie Hawkins has the Socialists on his side, perhaps the two of them should sponsor an “inquiry” Zoomfest to see whether some or all of these parties could get together. A way to start would be to select platforms from three groups and just try to see whether the ideas and language in them could be combined. I’d be very surprised if they couldn’t. From there, they could amend to include omitted things. And, of course, if there were some language that all could not agree on, they’d have to take it out or compromise.

One of the unfortunate things about American political life is that the word “socialist” is interpreted to mean “Russian or Chinese communist.” Many socialists don’t agree with the type of government the Russians or Chinese had or have. In fact, there are people who call themselves communists and don’t like the Russian or Chinese versions. It would be a good idea if a coalition could be established that used words like “progressive” or something else. How about “egalitarian for the people”? Being “for the people” is a phrase that has never been thought of badly.

michael hertz

Except by capitalists.

Michael T. Hertz

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