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The high of endorphins kicking in mid-workout is a tough feeling to beat. But it’s usually quickly followed by the feeling of extreme soreness and tired muscles. Looking to learn how CBD can aid muscle recovery? See below! 


Where Do Sore Muscles Come From?

To best understand how CBD can aid in muscle recovery after intense workouts or activities, understanding how sore muscles form is crucial. Simply put, muscles are exposed to stress when you exercise them, causing microscopic damage to the muscle fiber. Despite sounding like it’s a bad thing, this damage is a beneficial thing for your muscles to experience! After stressing your muscles, they begin to rebuild and recoup through the work of your immune system attempting to reverse any damage created during your workout. 

As time goes on, and your muscles are damaged with each work out, they eventually become larger and stronger as a way of adapting to the demands of your body as it works out. By regularly pushing your muscles during an exercise, they are being sent into a process called hypertrophy, the process of muscle building.

Muscle Recovery Explained 

It’s normal for your body to feel extremely tired after completing a work out. During the period you are exercising your body is burning through it’s energy stores, causing some complex changes in hormones and loss of fluid. After our workout is over, our bodies then have to work to recover and repair the microscopic damage to the muscles that has been left behind. It’s at this time that the recovery process begins.

The process of recovery has a number of steps all working in harmony to rebalance your system and ease the stiffness and soreness of your muscles.

The process of recovery has a number of steps all working in harmony to rebalance your system and ease the stiffness and soreness of your muscles. Ensuring you get enough rest and adequate sleep is one of the most important steps in the muscle recovery process. Our body works to repair the muscle damage created during a workout while we are sleeping, as well as works to rebalance hormones and rebuild energy stores to be used once awake. Proper Hydration and nutrition during the recovery process will ensure that your muscles have what they need to recover as fast as possible, ideally before your next workout.

Here are a few other ways to speed up the muscle recovery process:

  • Self-Massage: Foam rollers and other massage tools can be used to help reduce muscle fatigue time and soreness.
  • Stretching: For the best outcome, a combination of static and dynamic stretching can help improve muscle flexibility and reduce soreness.
  • Heat, Ice, and Compression: Incorporating all three of these can help decrease pain caused by injury or soreness of muscles. 

Using CBD For Muscle Recovery

It is vital to understand what CBD is in order to understand how it can help in muscle recovery. CBD’s quick rise in popularity has sparked the interest of many new consumers, specifically the compound’s potential health and healing benefits. CBD, technically referred to as cannabidiol, is an active compound, found alongside many others, in the cannabis plant. Unlike Don’t its close relative, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychoactive component of marijuana, CBD does not result in or cause any psychoactive reaction or “high” in the body. CBD enters the body and interacts with our Endocannabinoid System, sending signals to a number of receptors, which then direct the plant’s healing goodness to parts of our body that need it the most. 

Based on research conducted around CBD’s proposed benefits, the Endocannabinoid System is responsible for regulating various areas and systems of the body that include inflammation, pain, sleep, mood, appetite, metabolism, and more. 

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Additionally, CBD is proven to prevent endocannabinoids from breaking busted, allowing them to interact with the cannabinoid receptors in your brain. This interaction affects the release of neurotransmitters responsible for delivering messages between cells. Supplements manufactured by BrainFit and Chemical Planet consist of safe and effective ingredients which will help you induce muscle pain and spasms.

How to Use CBD 

Adding CBD into a regular health routine is actually quite simple. The market has a multitude of options available, and most commonly used products are available as a CBD product as well! 

  1. Using CBD Capsules or Oils: Sleep is one of the most effective ways to promote muscle recovery. If sleep is a struggle, adding edibles or oils containing CBD into your regimen could help aid in the quest to get more adequate rest. CBD Edibles and oils tend to be an easy favorite among CBD enthusiasts due to their discrete nature, ease of transport and consumption on the go, and the ability to ensure a consistent dosage. In order to consistently ensure the correct dosage, review the product’s instructions prior to use. A good approach to take is to start off with a small dosage and increase as needed to get the optimal results for you as an individual. While more research is still needed, existing studies have shown that CBD consumption prior to going to sleep helps to manage feelings of anxiety, offers relief of joint pain, and helps to promotes REM cycles which result in a more restful sleep. 
  1. Utilizing CBD Topicals: Similarly to edible products, topicals are known and often favored for their ease of use. There is a huge selection of topical CBD product options, but the most helpful in aiding muscle recovery is often muscle salves. To source the most effective salve, look for high-quality ingredients (specifically with hemp-derived CBD), a base that is easy to rub into areas of soreness, and one that contains menthol for some extra relief during use. Topicals are easy to use by simply applying the product over the To use, you simply spread over the area that is bothering you. Not only are topicals effective, they can also be applied throughout the day without the worry of over consumption or use, or negative effects. 

Making CBD Part of Your Routine

Worth noting again is the over-inundation of CBD products to the consumer market. With seemingly endless options, it’s encouraged to do your research as a consumer, to make sure the CBD products you select are not just good for your body, but can work effectively to aid in muscle recovery, rather than causing more damage.

It is important to look for brands that have Certificate of Analysis’ (COAs) and lab reports easily accessible when researching products. This information allows you to verify packaging claims and ensure you are purchasing only high-quality and ultimately effective products. 

Once you’ve landed on a CBD brand or product that works for your lifestyle, simply ditch and switch! Recognize which products you currently use in your normal routine that you can replace with a product containing CBD, and swap it out. 

You’ll be so glad you opted for products that contribute both health and wellness benefits to your life! 

When doing your research, check out A88CBD™ for high-quality, hemp-derived topical and edible CBD products.