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Kai's grit and determination have led him to reach the greatest heights as a graphic designer, freelancer and entrepreneur with his unique projects.

Looking around us closely will let us know how many young talented minds have come to the forefront of becoming the pioneering minds in most of the business industries today. They have proved the world that, at the end of the day, it is only the person's passion and perseverance that can transform him/her into the success story they wish to become. Speaking about the creative world out there, that also includes the growing field of graphic and web designing; one knows how skilled and passionate individuals have changed the dynamics of the industry for the better and one amongst these young graphic designers and entrepreneurs is Kai Schoene.

If anything that ever attracted Kai right since the beginning, then it was visuals, the interplay of images, colour, typography, and videos.

If anything that ever attracted Kai right since the beginning, then it was visuals, the interplay of images, colour, typography, and videos. Hence, he realized his true calling in the world of creativity and jumped into the same for pursuing his career in the field of web and graphic designing. Growing up, he completed his training in media designing and got the opportunity to work as a senior art director in a major advertising agency located in Bremen, Germany.

After putting in his blood and sweat into learning the nitty-gritty of the work and increasing his knowledge in the same by giving in his six years, Kai thought it was time to come up with something new and this gave rise to his most exciting project in Switzerland. Since then, Kai has never looked back and has earned great recognition as an expert graphic designer for digital and print media, working in Lucerne and having taken over the management of company's graphic implementation of campaigns. 

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Since 2010, Kai has also been working as a freelance designer for several companies, which includes an extensive clientele of startups, beauty clinics, medium-sized companies, product producers and many others. For this esteemed list of clients, Kai has been working on decorating their firms with professional graphics, web and videos.

After two years in Switzerland, Kai came up with his promising project, combined with his passion for emotional videos that have shaped him so far and hence, came into emergence - yourcarstory and yourcompanystory along with his good friend.

Proudly speaking about these projects, Kai says that clients can tell them all about their car and their company story and he along with his robust and learned team of professionals would film their story, weaving in a great emotional tale that can reach audiences, making them feel a part of the beautiful journey. Kai with his team uses professional equipment, like video camera, drone and microphone, etc. and creates mesmerizing experiences for all his clients. The post-production work offers clients video edits, background music or even a speaker who can tell their story.

Whether it is graphic or web design, branding, film and photography or social media, Kai provides the best and the most innovative services that help all his clients meet their desires and goals. Kai Schoene's fresh and contemporary ideas have led him to be at the top of the game with his hunger for perfection in graphic, web and video designs, etc.

To know more about this talented graphic designer and entrepreneur, follow his website now -

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