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Kendrick Tilghman

Kendrick Tilghman is a highly versatile DJ and entrepreneur. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland Kendrick is equipped with the right skills, qualifications, and his undying passion to succeed. His story depicts his career as a DJ and how he maneuvered his skills and talents to navigate his way up and become a multi-faceted entrepreneur.

For Kendrick, entrepreneurship was a childhood dream. Growing up in Baltimore as an African-American he wasn't unaware of the challenges faced by the black community in America. He had seen the disparity in the workforce as his paternal grandfather was a successful businessman and his maternal grandmother had scrubbed floors for $5. As a child, he had seen the struggles of his parents and knew that while attaining education was a necessity, his passion was to run his own company.

During school, he was an avid basketball player, who aimed to play for the national basketball championship but that goal didn't last long as he soon discovered his ultimate love for mathematics. He pursued his studies further and obtained a master’s in computer and electrical engineering degree and a master’s in business administration, MBA. alongside, he ventured into DJing and earned instant success performing and holding events within the city.

Growing up in Baltimore as an African-American he wasn't unaware of the challenges faced by the black community in America.

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He decided to launch his own company later with the name 5 Starr Enterprise which aimed to provide community outreach, community engagement, and educational services. It is a unique business that brought together his qualifications as an engineer and skill as a DJ to promote and aid education in youth.

His primary initiative is B.E.M.O.R.E.S.T.E.M (Bringing Everyone More Relevant Experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) which provides a platform for the development and promotion of STEM in schools and amongst parents. The idea is to change the approach of delivering STEM education by mixing it with the art of DJing and teaching through music. It definitely makes mathematics sound a lot more fun and engaging.

Kendrick holds the vision to become the premier resource of STEM education and promote workforce diversity through his efforts. The company aims to deliver educational needs and DJ services for marketing and recreational purposes.

Kendrick has a well-established reputation and his audiences can expect a lot more from DJ 5 Starr, in the coming year as he is set to embark further into edutainment and DJpreneurship.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

For more information, visit Kendrick Tilghman’s website. For regular updates on work, businesses and life follow his Instagram page @DJ5starr.