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August is typically a slow month for politics, for work, for just about everything, donations included. But not this August! Much love to the 60 folks below who contributed to keeping LA Progressive going.

LA Progressive Donors

Big Thanks to Our August Donors―Dick & Sharon

In addition to publishing our daily LA Progressive newsletter, we’re also helping put on “Police Practices: Reform or Rethink?” on September 13th and “And Justice for All? Criminal Justice, Community Healing in 2016 and Beyond” on October 6th.

We’re also hard at work with volunteers for a dozen activist organizations on a Criminal Justice Report Card that we plan to unveil in time for the November 8th elections, which will rate the effectiveness of California state legislators on criminal justice issues.

Whew! The supporters listed below keep gas in our tank, so to speak, so we can keep after these activities.

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We’d love to have you join them in September.

Dick & Sharon

  • Clara Abuto
  • Dwight Albee
  • Julie Alley
  • Dale Axelrod
  • Eric Bauman
  • Kate Beaver
  • Vicki Bliss
  • Barbara Burke
  • Gail Burns
  • Katherine Clark
  • Frank Cloak
  • Gerald Coles
  • Paula Dixon
  • Margaret Edwards
  • Marian Elliott
  • Ralph Erickson
  • Jack Fenn
  • Daryl Forman
  • Stephen Fox
  • Charles Frederick
  • Thomas Gasparoli
  • August Gerecke
  • Yuisa Gimeno
  • Dale Gronemeier
  • Thomas Hand
  • Leah Hertzberg
  • Harriet Ingram
  • Rosemary Jenkins
  • Margaret Jensen
  • Michael Kaufman
  • Mary Keipp
  • Joan Kramer
  • Kathie Lester
  • David Locke
  • Andrea London
  • Joe Maizlish
  • John Marciano
  • Carl Matthes
  • Steven Michaels
  • Betty Miller
  • Tom Newman
  • Kristin Olkershauser
  • Al Pena
  • Arlene Pincus
  • Murray Polner
  • Gene Rothman
  • Jerome Shipanik
  • Bernestine Singley
  • James Smith
  • Marta Stern
  • Hollis Stewart
  • Lynn Tharsing
  • Christine Thomas
  • Burnis Tuck
  • George Tucker
  • Ted Vaill
  • Mark Williams
  • Reavenel Wimberly
  • Doughlas Youens
  • Martin Zatsick