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Are you struggling to find tenants even though you have a wonderful home? Don't worry; you are not the only one facing this problem. Millennials these days don't go looking for rental signs. They prefer checking everything online. That brings forward the question: is your property listed online, or you like to do things the traditional way? If you do it the conventional way, then you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re not getting the attention you deserve.

Stacked, an online editorial that reviews different properties in Singapore believes that listing your rental property online will open doors to people who prefer scouring through rental properties on the internet. Here are six tips from Stacked that talk about how to list your rental property online.

  1. Figure out your market audience

To whom do you want to rent out your apartment? College-going students, office-goers, family, or young couples? Stacked suggests that you know your market audience before listing your property online. For example, students won't feel enthusiastic about renting a 3-bedroom house. Therefore, match your type of renter to save unwanted attention.

Here are six tips from Stacked that talk about how to list your rental property online.

  1. Advertise properly

The words you choose may break or break your ad. According to Stacked, you only have a few words and a couple of sentences to work with. Be precise instead of beating around the bush. Mention your apartment type, number of bedrooms, accurate location, and nearby facilities. If your ad doesn't stand out from the rest, potential renters may skip your ad.

  1. Make the most of the photos
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Do you know that 80% more customers are more likely to ask for more information about your property if you post over 20 photos? Stacked experts suggest that you include as many pictures as possible. Take detailed pictures of all the rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. You should also have photos of your front yard and backyard. Renters should see what they are getting before they contact you.

  1. Give virtual tours

Apart from photos, you can also post videos of your property. Make a video right from your entrance, explore the rooms, and show your house’s facilities. This gives potential renters an idea about your property that images may not convey. 

  1. Use your social media profile

Listing your rental property online doesn't necessarily mean posting your ad on real estate company websites. You should also use your social media page as one of your avenues to promote your rental property. Stacked, for example, uses its Facebook page and Instagram page to connect with readers.

The new algorithms keep rental properties with videos ahead of the ones that post only photos. Don't miss this opportunity to impress potential renters who can connect with you via social media.

  1. Register for Q&A websites

Stacked recommends that you sign up for Q&A websites so that you can talk to people looking for rent directly. You can answer questions regarding the neighborhood, public transport, and amenities and then contact the interested candidates.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Now that you know how to list your rental property online keep the tricks in mind whenever you want to let out your apartment. It would fetch more potential renters and give you a wide range of options instead of choosing from only a few.