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Liz Kennedy

Although it may appear on the surface that Liz Kennedy is just another beauty influencer, her life’s work and mission goes way beyond the scope of what many people see her as. Kennedy got her start in the industry as the face of numerous brands for beauty products, and as an on-air TV host. Kennedy wants to leave her legacy on social matters, as she reserves a lot of her time to serve as a motivational influence to uplift women from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

Kennedy is a firm proponent that women face a losing situation from the get-go, as society confines them to either of two boxes- a sweet and innocent girl preparing for motherhood, or a career-obsessed woman who is controlled by her emotions and irrationalities. Kennedy was raised by a single mother, and suffice to say her mother did an impeccable job, as evidenced by the prominent individual Kennedy has become. She wants to remove any preconceived notions that women cannot succeed at both being a mother, and having a prosperous career.

Kennedy has a history of pushing back against social injustices, giving her time to give deserving women an awe-inspiring makeover.

Putting aside the unfair career and social pressures, women also have a larger proclivity to be the victims of violence, as opposed to men. Despite this disturbing fact, women still feel immense pressure to please men, giving them a reassuring sense of comfort. They fear that if they do not do this, they will be scrutinized by the unjust beauty standards of society- that they are overly emotional and unstable. This places women in a difficult situation, as societal standards purport that they cannot be both a mother and a business owner.

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It is not surprising to anyone that Kennedy has a history of pushing back against such social injustices, giving her time to give deserving women an awe-inspiring makeover. Although she continues to receive support and words of encouragement via her social media platforms, she knows that she cannot be alone in fostering a massive cultural shift. Regardless, Kennedy spends a significant amount of her time directly helping women improve their inner and outer beauty alike. She wants to use her platform as a vehicle to inspire change, helping women understand the true meaning of inner beauty, as well as advising on how to attain external beauty.

Kennedy strongly relates to the overwhelming burden shouldered by women to fit the mold of a sweet and innocent girl, or mother. She does a large volume of work on her digital makeovers to disparage the negative aspects associated with pregnancy. Kennedy had a difficult pregnancy herself, and rather than hiding it, she makes it a focal point of her strategy to inspire other women. Kennedy is responsible for creating a safe place for all women to bond over the similar circumstances, infusing them with a much-needed support system.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Kennedy continues to be an agent for change, as she is firm in her ways to not be shamed for being a mother and business owner. She voices her great experiences as a mother and business owner, and inspires women everywhere with her story. She provides extensive examples of other women like herself, who are also successful business owners and mothers. Kennedy is showing women that they do not need to be confined to either motherhood or a career, and that they are very well equipped to do both. Kennedy will no doubt be a stalwart in reshaping the landscape that societal standards have forced upon women.