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Well, boys and girls, we're less than two months into the Trump presidency, and we're having us a grand old time, aren't we?

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Despite the fact that Trump assured us that, unlike Obama, he wouldn't have time to play golf if he were elected, the new POTUS has demonstrated that he has the leisure to jet down to his place in Florida each weekend for time on the links.

Despite those days away from his desk, he's managed to do so much already. He's issued a bunch of Executive Orders that include eliminating discrimination against crazy people who want to buy handguns. He's issued an Executive Order to allow coal companies to pollute creeks, rivers, and streams. He and the Republicans have also given us Trumpcare, the overhaul of the Affordable Care Act that will throw a whole bunch of Americans back out of healthcare coverage, will add a huge increase to the cost of premiums for the poor and the middle class, and provide yet another multi-billion dollar tax break for the very wealthy. It also will protect the bonuses of CEOs in the health care industry and in Big Pharma. Mo' money, mo' money, and the sky's the limit.

How a guy can do so much while still enjoying so much expensive play time can only be seen, I guess, as a testament to his skill as a big government administrator.

Security for Melania and Barron costs the taxpayers more than the entire annual budget for the National Endowment for the Arts, which Trump wants to eliminate.

It's remarkable how efficient the Republicans have become since Trump became the Boss Hogg of that outfit. He's ramping up the cost of big government by leaps and bounds, and the American taxpayers are footing the bill for extravagant security expenses to keep the Donald's wife from having to live with him, shelling out a half a million bucks a day to keep her ensconced in Trump Tower, and untold millions more to ensure Trump's older kids' safety as they travel around the world conducting their daddy's business, or their own.

Security for Melania and Barron costs the taxpayers more than the entire annual budget for the National Endowment for the Arts, which Trump wants to eliminate. We also are paying handsome government salaries to lots of very rich people for doing jobs they are either unqualified to perform, or to run agencies whose missions and purposes they actively oppose.

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We have billionaires on the government payroll in charge of public education who don't like public education and who seek to undermine it. We have people in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency who don't believe in protection of the environment, and who don't believe that carbon dioxide has anything to do with global warming. We have a guy in charge of Housing and Urban Development who knows nothing of the duties he has assumed, and who thinks Africans brought here as slaves were just another group of immigrants who came here in search of the American dream.

Meanwhile, the so-called "conservatives" who complained so loudly and consistently about big and wasteful spending by Democrats want to continue the practice of funding congressional witch hunts like the Benghazi hearings that cost so many millions, and came up with nothing at all except for an ongoing smear campaign of the candidate who ran against Donald Trump.

They want a congressional investigation of Barack Obama now simply because Trump has, without a scintilla of evidence, accused his presidential predecessor of having bugged Trump's New York penthouse, something no president has the power to do unilaterally. Nonetheless, the Republicans want to waste the time and the money in order to "get to the bottom of this, " because, they say, "the American people deserve to know the truth."

Trump and his zealous supporters may have wanted to "make America great again," to return it to the days of corporate greed unfettered by regulations that protected consumers, the environment, public lands, or endangered species. They may have wanted an America where the use of the "N word" wasn't suppressed by political correctness. They may have longed for the greatness of days when women were forced to take desperate and illegal measures to end pregnancies, some of which were caused by rape or incest. They may have wanted the greatness that allowed blatant discrimination and violence against gay people.

What they wanted, however, was not America the beautiful, but America the ugly. And they sure are getting what they wanted.

jaime oneill

Jaime O'Neill