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laarman panel

Nov. 4 at 1:15 PM: Mass Incarceration—Counting the Costs

A diverse panel of regional activists will first invite attendees to consider the full extent of the devastation that our racist and punishment-based criminal justice system creates for all concerned: how it relates to our punitive and ruthless economic system, how it destroys families and traumatizes whole communities, even how the system dehumanizes and degrades the people who administer and defend it.

Panelists will then lean into an interactive discussion of what a fully sane and human alternative model of public safety would look like. They will evaluate the "state of play" on reform efforts in California and Los Angeles County. And they will offer session attendees points of engagement with important current organizing initiatives.


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Dolores Canales, nationally-known leader against solitary confinement

Lynne Lyman, director of Strategy and Expansion for A New Way of Life

Pastor Cue Jn-Marie, Skid Row activist and leader in the Black-Jewish Justice Alliance

Geri Silva, host of KPFK's "Think Outside the Cage" and long-time local activist

Rev. Peter Laarman (moderator), a co-creator the multi-faith Justice Not Jails project in Los Angeles.

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