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Ref Wayne

Ref Wayne

Born in Meadowlands, South Africa Wayne had started developing interest in trading since his early days. Brilliant in academics he had to drop out of school and start earning due to his family’s impoverished condition. Distributing sim cards on streets he accidentally came across Mr. Schwartz who trained him as a trader.

From a novice to an expert trader in no time, this young mind mastered the art of forex trading successfully going on to become a big name in the trading industry at an early age. He dons various roles as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, trader and philanthropist. He established his first venture ‘African Forex Institute’ in 2014, which is committed to teaching aspiring traders the art of taking successful trades strategically.

An expert in the world of forex trading, Ref Wayne is on his way to help millions walk the path of success which he has already attained at a young age.

Wayne says “I have struggled a lot with my finances since my young days, and I always felt that if I taste success I would like to give it back to the society in some form or other and that’s how the idea of starting ‘Ref Wayne Foundation’ came up. One of our organization’s CSR activities includes teaching trading strategies free of cost to the underprivileged”. He wants to free his homeland from the clutches of unemployment and poverty and with this goal he organizes television and radio seminars to spread his trading knowledge throughout the year and reaches more than 80,000 people in South Africa alone.

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A brilliant mind and a successful entrepreneur this young billionaire has introduced a trading platform called Armageddon, which eases the way one takes trades. It is an automated trading software which helps duplicate the trading strategies of successful traders which can be used by users to take on every trade successfully. It has multiple strategies that can be applied according to the risk appetite of the user. Because of its easy to use interface it has become a favourite amongst a majority of traders. He is also credited with creating Pip coin which is Africa’s first encrypted digital crypto currency with instant global transactions feature. The main advantage of this digital currency is that it fiercely guards your private finances and it’s impossible for anyone to access your pip coin account or freeze it in any manner.

Wayne says soon after its launch in the year 2016 as people didn’t have sufficient knowledge of crypto currency, it had come under serious scanner with people criticizing it and expressing doubts about its authenticity. However with his constant education endeavours through seminars, spreading information about its advantages for about a year, today it has emerged as one of the widely used digital currency for forex trading. Having spent more than six years in the forex trading market, based on his vast experience through the years, he has come up with a number of inspiring and motivational articles, the most liked write-ups of his include ‘How to overcome haters’ and “How the internet of things affects us” which have been widely appreciated making him a successful author too.

He has been spreading his knowledge on various topics related to philosophy, psychology and the inn’s and out’s of forex trading making him stand out as a respected motivational speaker in his country.

Wayne says he wants to reach every individual and make himself reliant through his teachings and aims at making South Africa a name to reckon with in the world map.