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What fun to read and hear all of the speculation regarding the reason and/or meaning behind First Lady Michelle Obama’s seemingly reactive eye-roll while she was seated at the head table, between Barack and Speaker of the House John Boehner, during a congressional luncheon following Monday's inauguration.

michelle obama eye roll

While two of the most politically powerful men in the world appeared to be having a sociably light-hearted exchange, it was nonetheless Michelle who garnered world-wide attention when she rolled her eyes during their exchange.

Had Boehner or Barack said something which prompted Michelle’s reaction? If it was one of them, it probably was Boehner because, from the video, the Speaker taps Michelle’s arm/shoulder as she is eating. If she hadn’t been listening, he wanted to make that she would hear what he was about to say! His tap definitely had the look of his needing Michelle’s attention.

Enquiring minds want to know!

Maybe our fearless Speaker was giving Michelle a preview of his coming remarks about the President’s inaugural speech by saying, “You know, the President wants to annihilate Republicans.”

Well, no, that’s not the reason. While that would be worth at least one eye-roll, I’m sure it would have had to be accompanied by, “Are you just now catching on to that, John?”

Amazingly, even in this era of secretly recorded conversations there's no audio from the exchange. That prompted CBS's Inside Edition to enroll the services of a lip-reading expert. Larry “the lip reader” Wenig surmised, “Boehner is asking President Obama whether he had a chance to have a cigarette before the luncheon...Boehner saying, ‘Somebody won’t let you do it,’ referring to Michelle (perhaps the moment of the arm tapping) which prompted the first lady’s eye-roll.”

Perhaps John said, “This is so wonderful today, I think I’m going to cry!” Hmmm, no, that’s probably not the reason as he’s cried so often that Michelle would have not responded at all.

Boehner's PDCs (public displays of crying) have become a trademark which he has tried to explain, "I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I'm not going to apologize for being emotionally attached to the things I feel most strongly about."

Oh? Really, John? Then you probably were saying the following:

“The slaughter of those children in Newtown brought tears to my eyes. All of us in Congress will work hard to make sure that that type of murder never happens again.” Or maybe...

“Please tell your husband that he can count on me to start a robust, open discussion with House members to make sure that we come together to solve the problems the President has identified.”

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“I have been encouraged by the new ideas coming from my fellow Republicans to find real solutions to the rising debt while not endangering the economy.”

“I am impressed by the 60,000,000 votes your husband received and I believe all Americans want Republicans and Democrats to come together so we can guarantee support for Social Security and Medicare.”

“I will make sure that the millions of dollars the House is spending on lawyers to protect the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) will be stopped. No sense wasting money on that nonsense.”

“I want you to know how disappointed I was that Senator Mitch McConnell gathered with others to craft a strategy to make sure your husband wouldn’t have a second term. I’m going to cooperate with Barack to make sure that we craft a strategy so that the next four years will be the best America has ever seen.”

“I want the House members to understand that funding Planned Parenthood is essential as it is part of the foundation of securing healthy American families.”

And, with a tip-of-the-hat to Stephen Sonheim and Jules Styne’s for “Have an Egg Roll, Mr. Goldstone” from “Gypsy”...

“Have an eye-roll Mr. Boehner
Have a good cry, have some hair spray, have a tan
Have a tea bag Mr. Boehner
All the tea bags that I have, I’m glad to share

“Another eye-roll Mr. Boehner
Keep your fingers and your hands off of my arm
No more talking Mr. Boehner
Just because I’m sitting here, there’s no need to share

“No more eye-rolls Mr. Boehner?
Tell me any little thing that you will do
You’re the leader Mr. Boehner
Want a veto? Why not two?

carl matthes

“What’s the matter Mr. B?
Have another pot of tea
Mr. Boehner don’t you cry!”

Carl Matthes

Friday, 25 January 2013