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The nation is in a full-blown existential crisis and the President is fanning the flames of white nationalism as racial tensions threaten to literally tear this country apart. Washington Governor and current Democratic Presidential candidate Jay Inslee declared just last week, in clear and unequivocal terms,“we can no longer have a white nationalist in the White House.”


Mr. President, you are the problem. You and your words are stoking fear, hatred, and death. Your words and actions carry consequences and at this point you are failing your country and your countrymen.

Trump, in repeated winks and nods on issues of race and violence, might just as well have loaded the ammunition clips into the weapons used in what are acts of domestic terrorism.

In an eerie foreshadowing of this weekend’s events in El Paso and Dayton, the President of the United States in repeated winks and nods on issues of race and violence might just as well have loaded the ammunition clips into the weapons used in what are acts of domestic terrorism. His damning comments on America’s inner cities and what can only be described as cavalier dismissal of the gravity of the violence that has affected all Americans this past weekend alone rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors and qualify as certifiable mental illness. Mr. President, the consequences of mental illness starts with a look in the mirror.

The nation was transformed into a zombie like trance this weekend as two successive events, each more senseless than the other, brought into crystal clear focus questions about who we are and what we stand for.

Instead of inspiration our leader delivered indignation, instead of concern and comfort we were treated to the perfunctory thoughts and prayers, it was almost as if the President was bothered that his playtime was interrupted by the nuisance of tragedy.

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This man is a monster, he lacks any sense of compassion or caring that would qualify him as a dignified and decent human being. But far worse than simply not giving a damn is the increasingly evident consequence of stochastic terrorism that is characterized by Trump’s actions in regard to race relations.

Stochastic terrorism has been defined as the use of language "to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.” Our President has repeatedly incited violence both on the campaign trail and while in the White House. His acquiescence in and encouragement of inhumane treatment of women and children at our southern border has revived images of concentration camps, his dog whistle treatment of homelessness in our inner cities is a national disgrace, his hair-trigger overreaction to serious issues with the comprehension of an adolescent is creating a society where hopelessness, despair, suspicion, and massive clinical depression is feeding latent racism and xenophobia.

To those who continue to enable this dangerous path your collective cowardice will forever in history stand out as a massive failure to protect our nation and provide hope for future generations.

As of this writing the much vaunted stock market indices that are often used as a reflection of economic growth are in the midst of a free fall primarily due to a senseless trade war that has no practical utility or rationale whatsoever. You simply cannot recklessly abandon common sense and at least a modicum of public policy experience without paying a price. The combined recklessness of a President who has no appreciable grasp of governance and a degree of narcissism that totally prevents anything but childish indignation when questioned can only ultimately result in a total collapse of existing norms and institutions. The President is destroying America.

The President is an acknowledged felon, he is a liar, he is totally unqualified to confront let alone make decisions that affect not only this country but the global community of mankind, and he needs to be removed from office immediately. Let us return to discussion of the 25th amendment. True patriots, regardless of partisan affiliation, must confront the reality that our country is being run by an individual who is incapable of the job. Further, it is being run by an individual who is delusional because he actually thinks he knows what he is doing.

The danger to all of us is palpable. We are on the precipice of a societal meltdown and the President is either knowingly or otherwise its cheerleader. Whether or not he understands the consequences of his actions is immaterial at this juncture. The President is dangerous. The President is a racist. The President is a catalyst for domestic terrorism. The President is mentally unstable. The President must be removed from office.


Lance Simmens