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Donald Trump has made clear what HIS campaign theme is: a white nationalist overt racism. Us versus Them. Period. He has nothing else to run on.

More Visceral Fight Back

Can someone please tell me what the Democratic campaign theme is? If not, I will tell you what it should be: A straight up-down referendum on President Trump.

This is no secret as every successful campaign against an incumbent's re-election has been a referendum. Carter won to expunge the stink of Nixonism. Clinton came in as an antidote to the Reagan-Bush era. And then Baby Bush came into clean up the stench of Clinton. Obama swept up after George W. Bush's collapse.

Splitting hairs today over which version of Medicare for All is better (NONE will pass the Senate for the foreseeable future), or how much reparations should be (which ain't gonna happen either) is a total waste of time and a suicidal distraction. Trump was elected because he offered himself up to alienated (and racist) Americans as a no holds barred fighter who would kick the asses of an ill-defined "elite." His program was simple: conflict and combat with the perceived enemies of half of Americans.

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Democrats need a candidate who who will excite voters because he or she makes the simple straightforward promise that it is time to kick Trump's ass out of office and turn things around.

Democrats need a candidate who inspires the same sort of confidence in the other half or 60 percent. Someone who will excite voters because he or she makes the simple straightforward promise that it is time to kick Trump's ass out of office and turn things around. Less policy, please. More visceral fight back.

This is why an impeachment inquiry should have started four months ago to soften up Trump and to create the up/down narrative. Instead, we have Trump's disgusting narrative controlling almost every news cycle. I cannot bear to hear one more Democrat whine about how Trump would be acquitted by the Senate. WE KNOW THAT, THANK YOU. The point of the impeachment is to win the jury of public opinion…to move public opinion stronger in the direction of dumping Trump. Hey, bozos, impeachment is an ELECTORAL CAMPAIGN tool to build momentum and construct an anti-Trump bulldozer. Yes, make the Republican Senators vote to acquit the criminal. Fine by me. Let them explain to their constituents their capitulation to an authoritarian moron. The onus will be on them.

Funny, how so many Democrats with wet underwear use the Clinton impeachment as some sort of political scarecrow. The very short-term effects of the impeachment did backfire on the Repubs in the heat of the 98 midterms. But a few months after the Clinton episode ended, Republicans swept to power in 2000, winning not only the presidency by a chad or two, but also building up their congressional and state legislative delegations. 2000 was a BIG and GOOD year for Republicans who suffered no pushback from the Clinton Impeachment Circus.

I am not afraid of Trump. Not in the least. He has failed at every endeavor he has ever undertaken. And like most bullies, he is a weak coward. What spooks me are his supposed opponents who have shown only excessive caution, fear, cowardice and most of all uncertainty and ambiguity.

We are in a war to dump Trump and defend the minimal democratic norms and institutions of the Republic. Nothing less. And, damnit, you're not supposed to take five weeks off in Nantucket when you are supposed to be in the trenches.

marc cooper

Marc Cooper