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Musician Michael Ramos Recommends DJing Music for Weddings

Musician Michael Ramos

DJs have become popular hosts for weddings and parties around the world. They have the right expertise to hype up the crowd and keep the party going. Michael Ramos is a professional musician who has been DJing since 2000. He owns a DJing business, NuStyle Entertainment, that hosts music for various events.

Michael is an experienced DJ; he has hosted corporate events, weddings, dances, quinceaneras, cotillions, and birthday parties.

Michael is an experienced DJ; he has hosted corporate events, weddings, dances, quinceaneras, cotillions, and birthday parties. He has a Mixcloud profile online, where you can find all his unique mixes. He believes that his music can make people’s dreams come true.

As Michael is aware of different music genres and styles, he has the perfect recommendations for weddings. Here are some music recommendations by Michael to play for every part of a wedding:

1. Ceremonial style

A wedding consists of a ceremony where the bride and groom exchange vows in front of an audience. It is crucial to play the music that maintains the event’s aura and feelings.

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Michael recommends picking the right music for preludes, processionals, and recessionals. Prelude can be a soft melody that sets the mood, processionals can be something dramatic but light to mark the bride’s entry, and recessional can be sentimental and celebratory music for the couple’s exit.

2. Dance

Every wedding has a theme for the dance. This is planned by the event organizers or the couple to match their preferences and feelings. The choice of music is critical because it hypes the attendees to dance and enjoy the moment.

Michael suggests selecting songs perfect for the event. There should be separate music for the groom and bride to dance at the center of the stage to highlight the event. After that, the dance music should be fun and exciting to bring people together to dance and sing along.

3. Dinner/ Lunch

The dinner/lunch tends to be conversational, sometimes sentimental too. Michael says that the music should be lively and sparkling for the listeners.

Music plays the role of bringing people together to have a good time. To make a wedding dinner/lunch memorable for the guests, it is essential to pick the right song.

Hire a DJ

You can save yourself from worrying about music if you hire a professional DJ. Wedding shenanigans can be stressful, so hiring a DJ can save the time and effort of making playlists and employing a sound team.

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NuStyle hosts weddings through detailed meetings to plan for the event. Michael sits with the couple to discuss their preferences and music library that goes well with the theme.