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National Sigh of Relief

The counting may be over but…

On Saturday, Nov. 7, they were celebrating in Philadelphia, as well they should. It is perhaps there that the Joe Biden / Kamala Harris ticket got the number of votes needed to push them over the line to win the last of the Electoral College votes needed to win the 2020 election. Has the republic been saved? Temporarily perhaps.

The nation really did need to take a much-needed break from the Trump reality TV presidency — so take a long deep breath. What is Dr. Anthony Fauci going to prescribe to this nation now? Perhaps it is some Post-Trump-Stress therapy and mental deconditioning for all those gaslighted true believers who still think the “election was stolen.”

The damage that Trump has inflicted upon our republic is going to take a long time to cure, heal and then inoculate us from future infections, much like the COVID-19 pandemic and yet no one is working on the political vaccination. Is Joe Biden the cure for what ails America or just a placebo? Whatever he is, he seems undaunted by Trump’s refusal to admit defeat.

While the celebrations are breaking out all across this nation, it’s far too early to be singing “Ding dong the witch is dead” as he and many of his Republican allies have not conceded, nor do I expect him to any time soon. Trump may just burn down the White House before being dragged out by his heels.

And yet the slim majority

Trump’s unfitness for office would seem readily apparent to all across America. While the coronavirus daily infection rates are spiking — surpassing 100,000 per day —Trump goes golfing while President-Elect Joe Biden organizes the pandemic response team. Trump is replacing career staff at the Pentagon with loyalists, while Biden moves ahead with a transition plan.

These true believers just couldn’t vote against this con man. It really makes me wonder about the intelligence of nearly half of the country and the media they are consuming.

Yet some 47.5 % of the voters still believe Trump rather than Biden is the answer to the needs of this nation. This, after all of his lies, deceptions, impeachment and outright corruptions have been exposed. These true believers just couldn’t vote against this con man. It really makes me wonder about the intelligence of nearly half of the country and the media they are consuming. Of course, we all know what Trump thinks of “the media.” All of the mainstream media outlets, including his favorite — Fox News — have called the election for Biden/Harris. This is the reality even as Trump launches 100 lawsuits to challenge the popular vote.

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Even here in the working class, union sympathizing neighborhoods in the San Pedro harbor area, where one would think that Democrats and progressives have a huge advantage, some 8,658 out of 27,750 of our neighbors quietly voted for this idiot-in-chief. While these voters are in the minority — a minority that exists all across this southern region of Los Angeles County —it’s a revelation that still comes as a stunning surprise.

You see, Trump didn’t receive a majority of votes in any precinct from Manhattan Beach to Palos Verdes, and from San Pedro to Long Beach except for one — the City of Rolling Hills — where he won by only 106 votes. Even Rancho Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estates each gave Biden 57%. This of course challenges the common misconception that The Hill is a bastion of conservatism. The political demographics may be shifting.

What annoys me most, however, is that more than 31% of San Pedro voters voted orange and that the only robust debate about the candidates and the issues took place on few Facebook pages like All Politics San Pedro. The page is administered by Scott Carter, a local insurance broker. This page is sort of like the Alamo of Republican Trumpian xenophobia. I had the honor to be attacked by several of their members before the election and then summarily banned from their page when I accused them of slandering me. They often were ranting about censorship by social media and then they banned me — go figure.

On Nov. 5, Mr. Carter writes:

Hi Guys and Gals — Facebook is threatening to take down our site or severely restrict it for the following reasons:

Please check to see if your information is questionable before posting. Facebook Warning, FYI:

“To fight false news, Facebook pushes misleading content farther down in News Feed and provides additional articles on the same topic.

If a group repeatedly shares false news, Facebook may push all of that group’s content down in News Feed, which may mean fewer people visit the group. Facebook may also stop suggesting that people join the group.”

We will be locating to another non-restrictive social media site in the future and do both places. I will advise you when.

I find it curious that Carter feels no regret at censoring his neighbors like me and others, yet objects when it’s done to him for the very reasons that even Fox News and other more mainstream media are censoring Trump’s misinformation. Treating outright lies and false information as equal to fact checked reporting is just wrong.


This false equivalency offered in various media between facts and lies is what has given Trump’s true believers the ammunition to defend the lunacy of the last four years. I’m afraid that it’s not going to end with the election of Joe Biden as a more normal president any time soon.

James Preston Allen
Random Length News