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Today's Hot Topics from The LA Progressive's Partners

Today's Hot Topics from The LA Progressive's Partners

Check out these article from the LA Progressive’s partners in The Media Consortium

How Nevada’s Solar Showdown Could Play Into the Caucuses

Tim McDonnell, Mother Jones— "The fallout [from the solar decision] has been so severe on both sides of the aisle," said Barbara Boyle, a Sierra Club staffer in Nevada. "I think there's going to be a lot of activity in the caucuses related to the issue."

american prospect

End Citizens United: Reform Group or Cash Cow?

Danny Goldberg, The American Prospect—A new multimillion-dollar PAC that claims to promote campaign finance reform has drawn progressive fire over its aggressive fundraising tactics.

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Digital Crackdowns on the Sex Trade Can Put Sex Workers at Risk

Holiday Black, Bitch Media—Over the past 20 years, the internet has changed the age-old profession of sex work in major ways. Sex workers labor in an intensely hostile cultural climate.


Ferguson Digs In Its Heels

Colin Gordon, Dissent— The city of Ferguson has reneged on its promises to reform policing practices. Its current standoff with the Justice Department reveals the stubbornness of a municipal system that combines handouts to big corporations with predatory fines for the poor.


To Make Health Care for All a Reality, Stop Killing People

Maya Schenwar, Truthout— Many claim universal health care is impractical - that there's no money in the federal budget to pay for it. Right now, much of our tax money that could be funding health care for all is instead funneled toward institutions that kill instead of heal.