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Democracy is a dangerous political stance for the simple reason that it flaunts its own Achilles Heel. Free speech, free assembly, and elected officials can run on a platform, that they totally abandon once in office.

Right now, social media is a threat because when people come together in groups, the tendency is to move further in the direction of the ideas that brought them together. In other words, in a group, liberals will move further left and conservatives will move further right. In the tribalistic vernacular, this is bonding via ideologic amplification.

The founding premise for democracy though, is that our policy differences will be negotiated by opting for the better argument. Nearly three decades ago, we began slowing moving toward “my way or the highway” as the Republican Party began an obsessive march toward fascism, by refusing to agree to do anything Democrats propose.

Recently, I have read some disturbing accounts suggesting that young people today are inclined to lack appreciation of the values of democracy. Not so surprising, when we realize that for those under thirty years of age, democracy has been dysfunctional all their lives.

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Ever since Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America in 1994, the better argument has been abandoned. No compromise. Then, after the partial financial meltdown in 2008, Mitch McConnell vowed to make it the GOP’s major priority to make President Obama a one term president, as American politics experienced ideological deadlock, that today has morphed into a personality cult.

After President Biden’s Address last night, Kevin McCarthy accused the President of trying to divide the nation. He says, Joe Biden is dismantling democracy. That people as unscrupulous and lacking in integrity and character, as is the case with Kevin McCarthy, underscores the vulnerability of democracies. Tucker Carlson said that President Biden was asking for a partisan advantage for the midterm election. Do you suppose Tucker figured this out, all by himself?

The November election is about democracy versus autocracy, goodwill versus contempt, women’s rights versus theocratic rules, and hope verses fear. Vote Blue. Everything we hold dear is on the table. Everything. But if a red state like Alaska, can elect a Democrat to Congress, replacing a Republican who held the seat for a half century, then we can hold the House in November. Roevember Cometh! Thoughts?