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“I will cancel student debt immediately,” candidate Joe Biden promised.

A year later, he still hasn’t delivered, says he “can’t.”

Again and again, “progressive” members of the Democratic Party promise “access” to healthcare or even Medicare for All. They promise “affordable” education, maybe even tuition-free college and vocational training. They promise subsidized childcare and police reform and “action” on the climate crisis.

And tell us the filibuster prevents them from moving forward with any of it. Blame one or two members of their party for the complete failure of their platform.

They hold the line, stand strong, demand action…and then give in to corporate interests in their party.

The next morning, they start fundraising on their defeat, offer Master classes on their losing strategy, insist that if believers give them just a little more money, they can finally defeat the bad guys keeping them from fulfilling their promises.

To become at least slightly more honest, the Party That Cried Wolf should change its mascot from a donkey to a wolf.

A bit like the Whoopi Goldberg character in Ghost scamming desperate people wanting one last moment with their dreams.

“I pay more!” one of her marks offers eagerly. “How much?”

But even when Democrats control the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives, they willingly approve new fossil fuel projects. They still lock up people at our borders. They show their willingness to “compromise” by giving in again and again. Sometimes, they give in even before they’ve been asked to.

They’ll eliminate gerrymandering…if everyone agrees to play nice.

They’ll add more justices to the Supreme Court…maybe…if Republicans agree to give up power.

Whatever the issue, progress is promised and promised. Until it isn’t.

“Do as I say, not as I do” is their motto. We must give our all to them but they feel no obligation to do the same for us.

Moderate friends of mine grow angry if I suggest the two major parties in the U.S. are the same.

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Of course they’re not the same. Republicans are far more extreme and punitive and destructive.

But after so many decades living with this difference in degree, not substance, we face the choice of being attacked by a lone wolf or a pack. Either way, it’s a hard sell for mauled voters.

We may be mauled or even killed by something else if we leave the safety of our herd, but we��re desperate enough to try.

Now I’ll throw in the requisite Holocaust analogy: trying to escape Sobibor is risky but staying is a death sentence.

The vote will be divided. The question is where those votes will go. “Leaders” can promise something their constituents desperately need and then fail to deliver just so many times before no one believes them anymore.

“I promise this is my last drink.”

“I promise I’ll be completely faithful from now on.”

“I promise I’ll never hit you again.”

Even our friends know the promises are lies. They just feel these are better lies than the other side tells.

To become at least slightly more honest, the Party That Cried Wolf should change its mascot from a donkey to a wolf. A chimera could work, too, a stubborn, lying wolf in sheep’s clothing. Pick your losing inspiration.

Rather than join Democrat-Anon to learn how to cope with faithless political leaders, we should instead find a party whose ideals lead naturally to compliance. Stock market investors leading the country clearly have capitalism as their only real constituent.

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A people’s party, a labor party, a green party, or socialism all have a better chance at addressing our needs. We can disagree on the best options, but what more evidence do we need that Democrats are not that option?

Still, I could be wrong. Maybe this time the Party will come through. After all, I did sign another petition yesterday asking Biden to cancel student debt.

He said he’d do it. He said it again and again.

The leader of the Democratic Party wouldn’t just lie, would he?

Johnny Townsend