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The House Democrats who wanted to replace Nancy Pelosi two years ago were right. She is not up to the task. We are in a constitutional crisis, and she is failing us.

pelosi must go

What we need to do at this time is to protect and strengthen our democratic institutions. Not only are we under attack from foreign governments like Russia, our institutions are failing us. We need a Speaker who will defend the Constitution and not shy away from a fight for political reasons.

Pelosi is afraid that conservative Democrats would lose if we began impeachment proceedings. At the same time, she accuses the Representatives who confronted her on impeachment as acting out of political motives when it is actually they who were pleading with her to uphold the rule of law. The Speaker alleges that the President is engaged in a cover up and yet does not want to begin impeachment proceedings

Nancy Pelosi is speaking out of both sides of her mouth. We have witnessed the comical dance of Trump stomping around demanding that Pelosi stop the investigations while Pelosi prances around saying Trump really wants Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings against him. If there wasn’t so much at stake, it would be hilarious

To argue that he actually wants the Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings against him is utter hogwash and everyone knows it, including Nancy Pelosi.

Not only has a foreign government sought to influence our election, the President has sought to obstruct the investigation. Trump desperately wants the investigations to end. To argue that he actually wants the Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings against him is utter hogwash and everyone knows it, including Nancy Pelosi.

The party and the partisan media portray Pelosi as a great leader. Media reports said that House Democrats found it difficult to confront her. I find this funny because I have no difficulty telling her what I think.

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Not only do we need a Speaker who isn’t afraid to take on Donald Trump, we need U.S. Representatives who aren’t afraid to confront Nancy Pelosi. We have seen how the party rallies around its leaders to lionize them while at the very same time gently telling them that they are making a mistake. To fail to defend our democratic institutions at a time when democracy is threatened in the United States and around the world is a dereliction of duty.

We need leaders who are up to the challenges facing the nation today. The rise of authoritarian nationalism and xenophobia combined with climate change and mass migration doesn’t bode well for the future. We need leaders willing and capable to defend our democratic institutions. The failure of our leaders to strengthen democratic institutions at home and abroad, even actively suppressing democracy in nation after nation around the world, has contributed to the decline of democracy around the world and the rise of nationalism and white supremacy in the United States and abroad.

Nancy Pelosi’s legacy has not been the shining example of success the party and the partisan media want us to believe. During her first term as Speaker she presided over the loss of governorships and statehouses all across the nation, and now she wants to do it all over again. In seems that only Republicans understand that you have to fight to win.

There is sufficient evidence to begin impeachment proceedings. Pelosi isn’t saying the evidence is insufficient. She isn’t agreeing with Trump that the investigation was a “witch hut.” Instead she wants to hold Democrats to the impossible standard of convincing Republicans to vote for impeachment before consideration of the the evidence has even begun.

At the same time she has no problem passing the Equality Act which has no chance of passing the Senate in order to rally the Democratic base without actually accomplishing anything. She should instead focus on defending our democratic institutions against a President who has attempted to obstruct justice and continues to thumb his nose at the law, the courts, and congress. If she doesn’t have the stomach to prosecute Donald Trump, she should step aside and find someone who does.


Rich Procida