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Yesterday, in "How to Make Everything Worse that You Already Hate" — part one of this two part feature — we examined the immediately evident impacts of the current paradigm of perpetual protest.

perpetual protest

20 Things to Expect from Endlessly Protesting the Trump Presidency—Larry Wines

Today we complete the evaluation by looking ahead, prognosticating the most likely outcomes of endless protests and attempts to obstruct everything.

This is not the kind of thing we will say "Enjoy," as we commend it to you. We developed this because there is precious little thoughtful consideration — of much of anything political — at the moment.

It is our intention to offer something meaningful and substantial that runs counter to news cycles that are arguably dominated by propaganda and each side attempting to manipulate the other, along with the pathetic performance of corporate mainstream media, all at the expense of an informed public.

Here's our assessment of what's coming as a very direct cause-and-effect result of this new era of endless protest and implied welcoming of a coup.

In presenting this set of progostications, we hope to draw attention to the fact that similar exercises are not being undertaken in many places where they should be. The dominant role of "the narrative" foisted by corporate mainstream media in its glaring omissions and its lemming-like leadership so clearly appears headed off the cliff of integrity and veracity.

Here's our assessment of what's coming as a very direct cause-and-effect result of this new era of endless protest and implied welcoming of a coup.

  1. The breathless rhetoric that is fueling most of the protests is easily refuted, as any credible source that isn't corporate mainstream media evidences, and the online comedic short at the link in part one effectively proves."
  1. The internal logic of the "oppose everything" protests is absolutely absent and increasingly contradictory.
  1. Passion "for" something can be sustained; passion that is endlessly "against" everything is unsustainable.
  1. Outrage depends on its perpetuating itself among the energetic young — whose idealism angrily and irrevocably turns if they sense they've been "had."
  1. Perpetual protest will collapse first among the energetic young: the guy who made the video is doing a solid Jon Stewart-meets-Lewis Black, made funnier and more effective by his impatient British accent — and it's exactly the kind of presentation that scores with young people who supported Bernie Sanders and are disillusioned by the Democratic establishment's theft of the primaries.
  1. Alt media is reporting on billionaire Democratic Establishment funder George Soros in separately focused trending stories linked by his name: Soros is funding and nearly all the "I'm-unhappy-and-you-HAVE-to-listen!" protests in the US; Soros lost at least $100 million on HRC; Soros is being "outed" on European TV for messing with upcoming European elections, for his efforts to keep the EU together and strengthen it in the face of Brexit-type threats; Soros' past is being reported in Europe; current reporting is not the same as the longtime deep-right-wing hate mongering that shockingly smeared but never had any supportive evidence.
  1. As soon as Soros, as chief funder of perpetual protests, hands-out participation trophies to his protesters, it's over. They'll wear the free, I was there!" protest " t-shirts. But there's a limit to what their credulity will accept.
  1. The Deep State, led by those "seventeen US intelligence agencies," will definitively prove, with no evidence, that "The Russians did it!" about all kinds of things. But in their self-congratulatory arrogance, they'll fail to notice when Wikileaks and alt media definitively prove, with evidence, that they lied about some aspect — even one aspect — and that will bring down, like a house of cards, everything they have publicly asserted. Net benefit will accrue to anything and everything anti-empire, which means the outcome regarding the unpredictable Trump is uncertain. But things will go so strongly against his opponents that they're the ones left flatfooted.
  1. The Dems will epically crash and burn in 2018 because they refused to subject themselves to the kind of autopsy the Goppers conducted after their 2012 debacle. The Democratic elite's refusal to look in the mirror, while pursuing their singular-paradigm "strategy" of blame, boogeymen, scares and scapegoating, will not be seen in time as no strategy at all. By then, the veterans of frustrated toddler-like "NO!" and, because that never gets them anything, public square invocation of way too much "whaaa-whaaa," will cause voters to give them a time-out. Drunk on Koolade Dem activists eventually realized, but too late, that their tear ducts are dry, puffy eyes do not make them attractive enough to get laid, no shiny bright object was forthcoming — no blankee, either — and they'll all have gone home because they want their mommy to fix the ow-ee.
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  1. Trump will craftily ridicule the platitudes and unrealities of easily-offended multiculturalist rhetoric. Certainly, some fringe minorities will be inconvenienced, and need to find a different bakery; an even smaller number will be deprived of perceived or actual rights, and go to another state or seek remedies in court; individuals within small groups whose numbers are diversely scattered will, no doubt, experience actual hardship and suffering. Mesanwhile, the overwhelming majority of Middle Americans will go from sighs of relief to open joy that someone else's agendas are no longer being crammed down their throats — mostly, they were okay with the nebulous notion of equal rights for all. But not with having their noses rubbed in anything they consider as a social aberration that they don't want their kids asking them about.
  1. Protesters, who were united chiefly by intransigence, will fragment and become ever fewer. Ultimately, different contingents appear together to protest something on an ad-hoc basis only when it has commonality across their specific groups. The Democratic Establishment will utterly fail to understand the key point in everything: that most of America is more concerned about protecting its cultural cohesion than it is about risking that for any particular social experiment, or admission of foreign populations of desperate refugees. Even when an entire region's population became refugees as a result of arrogant, corporate-backed, defense industry profit-driven, wealth-extraction savoring, regime-changing US-led military actions.
  1. Trump will have ingratiated himself with the GOP establishment as a VERY direct result of an inevitable "Fort Apache" mentality brought about by endless protests. Long before the protests fragment, diminish, and begin to resemble the solitary nut with a sign that says "The End is Near," the GOP establishment will have gained more unity than it's had since the Civil War. They'll achieve it by vigorously exploiting both ridicule and fear, solidifying their base with Trump insurrectionists, using the gift of the early endless protests — which means Trump will find himself as the new bastard stepchild of the deep Political Establishment.
  1. Amidst even more carefully engineered, intentionally distracting hoopla, patterned on the BS and baloney than we saw in 2016 — and you know more is inevitable, because 2016 proved it works — plus the now-in-progress hopeless collapse of the Democratic Party, and the many safeguards the system has erected to protect itself from any threat of third party insurgencies, Trump gets re-elected in 2020.
  1. After Trump's re-election, "something happens to him" and Pence and the Dominionists take-over, with the octopus tentacles of the military-industrial-cybersecurity Deep State already grasping everything that matters.
  1. The fragmented tribes of liberals will find themselves sharing the streets one last time to cheer "The king is dead!" the moment Trump is gone, whether Soros pays for publicity of not. Because the ingrained focus on Trump as the singularity of evil — every boogeyman from ever horror movie — has not prepared the modern perpetual-protest liberal mindset to do anything else.
  1. By the time of the Pence Ascendancy anytime after mid-December 2020, the revitalized movement of Political Dominionists will have been co-opted by the Deep State's interconnected world of Bilderburglars. The billionaire class of oligarchs never really let go of the primacy of stateless corporatism, despite Hillary's defeat, the joke of a 2020 Democratic Party candidate, the crushing of multiple third parties, and whatever has appeared to happen publicly from Trump's reassertion of nationalism. Big money global capitalism has quietly dominated "values-voting" Christian conservatives. Unconscious that they are as exploited as everyone else, the religionistas have focused on having enough Supreme Court seats to put a Nativity scene on every courthouse lawn. They have already banned abortion and invoked the death penalty for any woman who does not carry a baby to term. Their "liberty-based philosophy" is curiously shared with the Ron Paulistas, enabling more GOP unity. It mandates systemless, for-profit, health care that will not use tax dollars to pay for the pre- or post-natal care of a fetus/baby, nor for the mandatory safe delivery of an unwanted offspring — not even for the poorest woman or the youngest girl raped by a relative.
  1. In the Pence world, WIC and welfare are quickly abolished by re-invoking the Pilgrim's adage that if you don't work, you don't eat. And the enhanced cyberspying / universal GPS tracking of every individual will quietly systematize a feature to find and lock-up any pregnant female whose electronic tracking devices (aka cell phones, tablets, e-watches, i-bracelets, etc.) show they're (gasp) in a bar, or somewhere that street drugs are common.
  1. Aberrant behavior by a pregnant woman will land her in a private, for-profit prison of the moral reeducation gulag with its mandatory attendance rules for chapel and Bible study, held between mandatory prison factory work shifts (and remember, if you don't work, you don't eat).
  1. The estranged mother being reeducated in private prison will result in the baby being adopted by a good Christian family from a nondenominational evangelical creationist-espousing church in Pence's America. A church that will be paid by the government to provide the lists of eligible families. The adopting family will be thoroughly subsidized to raise the rescued baby and send it to a taxpayer-funded charter school that staunchly rejects teaching science, and that used to be a private fundamentalist Christian school, but is now an American Madrasa. In the taxpayer-supported adopting family and among the taxpayer-paid school staff where no one has a teaching credential, they all get to eat because properly raising the child is The Lord's work.
  1. After the coup brings down Trump, everyone in Mike Pence's America will learn that it isn't true that fundamentalist conservatives don't like taxpayer-supported social engineering. It's just that it must be their righteous kind of burden to taxpayers. The kind to which they are entitled. And surely that's in the Bible somewhere.

Perhaps someone will care to address what becomes likely if a coup of one kind or another brings down the Trump administration.

My bet? It will instigate the kind of retribution cycle we see already with Supreme Court nominees: "If I can't have things the way I want, you can't get anything you want."

Somebody needs to remember Gandhi: "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind."

As always, dear reader, you are invited to contribute your thoughts.

Larry Wines