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white supremacy

And the Winner Is...

Since Election Day, I have constantly been asked why the vote is so close in the presidential battle. Clearly, the nation has always been divided. The question for most rational Black folks is whyyyyy after four years of trumpism would anyone of conscience vote for donald trump. To readers, I won’t (re)traumatize you by taking you through the darkness of the racist, homophobic, misogynist tunnels that have led to the crises in governance and a meltdown in human evolution.

In the coming weeks, there’s going to be more election analysis that we can stomach. I’ll be adding my two cents as well. Right now I want to give out the assignment that I think enlightened white folks need to accept with intensity and determination.

It is critical that the challenge is embraced in this particular way because the lack of follow through from previous assignments is causing some real tensions and mistrust in our fragile multi-racial movement. The burden of trumpism has fallen squarely on people of color and white people are required to step up and truly lead. I’m suggesting two white-led efforts that must yield some tangible results.

The burden of trumpism has fallen squarely on people of color and white people are required to step up and truly lead.

First, redistricting is just around the corner. Wherever white people are, they must lead the battle in their cities or counties to make sure the lines are drawn so that there is fair representation without the ugly hand of gerrymandering carving up territories to benefit partisan politics.

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Second, the electoral college must be totally dismantled. Its roots date back to ensuring the potential vote of enslaved people would never exceed the valued vote of white landowners. The power that resides in the E-college is solely to perpetuate white supremacy. Never was that so blatant as in the 2016 U.S. presidential election in the race between Hillary Clinton and trump.

Success of these two issues would be transformative. It would change the political landscape in demonstrative ways, advancing democracy and racial equity as a norm and not an exception to the rule of white supremacy.

jamala rogers

Grades for these two assignments will happen at the mid-term, the mid-term of the electoral cycle. By then, we should have redistricting victories to report on and celebrate. There must also be measurable progress on the demise of a racist and patriarchal institution that should’ve seen the trash bin of history centuries ago.

Yeah, 2022 is looking good already.

Jamala Rogers

Black Commentator