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So…Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and his fellow Republicans bellowed loudly about phony “abuse of process,” “overturning the will of the people,” and other t-Rumpian “fictions.” But they offered no defense for what he did. If any of those guys had not become fully invested in t-Rump, they could have made a real “name” for themselves, and gained immediate cross-over appeal as a 2020 Presidential candidate by declaring, “You know, I can no longer defend the unconscionable, treasonous actions of this Soviet plant in the White House, and I’m running against him!” But t-Rump has subsumed even their own selfish political ambitions.

Personality Disorder

The Republican Party is officially now a Cult of Personality Disorder, and ALL of them have been afflicted. It’s interesting how his loudest defenders such as Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell started out trashing him. Maybe the Soviets have pee-pee tapes on all these guys.

The evolution and de-construction of the Republican Party since Nixon has been fascinating. The party of the president who gave us EPA, OSHA, Clean Air & Water Acts, increases in food stamps and other social welfare programs; aside from and RIGID anti-Communism, has become the party of…well…destruction of all of the above. In the context of what Republicans once were, it’s fair to characterize it as an antidisestablishmentarian mass of hypocritical, self-destruction of the American ideal – that includes the Constitution, most notably. All elected Republican officials have become elements in a rudderless blob, beholden to a destructive narcissist, who would fail a high school civics test.

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Democrats never stopped running scared of Ronald Reagan’s shadow, forever trying to repackage and reposition themselves as palatable to the Republican “base.”

Democrats are partly to blame. This is because most of them never stopped running scared of Ronald Reagan’s shadow, forever trying to repackage and reposition themselves as palatable to the Republican “base.” While that may have been a viable strategy in the 1980’s, however ill-advised; the “base” now is a group of Americans who were apparently never satisfied with the results of the Civil War or World War II. We always knew that this dark social undercurrent existed in American society, but I’m shocked and alarmed to realize that it may be 30% of the country! Reagan’s lurking shadow has kept so-called Democrats from articulating outrage since 1981 – they don’t want to burn bridges with those across the aisle they have to work with. But no one across the aisle will work with them anymore! Republicans have dispensed with any pretense of compromise or statesmanship, in deference to the madness of t-Rumps self-destructive agenda on a personal, national and global level.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Hank Johnson (D-GA), among others were wise to hold off on impeachment demands when they did. Doing so strengthened their hands when it became inevitable to demand it. And I believe the speaker is wise to hold off on sending the process to the Senate until some terms can be negotiated for a fair trial in the Senate. That’s necessary because the foreman of the jury, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has loudly and proudly stated his intent to coordinate the President’s defense with the White House. Um…uh…shouldn’t that require McConnell to recuse himself from all proceedings? In any civil or criminal trial in America, isn’t a judge or court official required to recuse himself under similar circumstances?

t-Rump wants a big show trial in the Senate to generate more campaign fodder for the base. But McConnell and other senators are trying to save t-Rump from himself by making it a quickie with NO witnesses. That would result in a quick, rubber-stamp acquittal in the senate. They have made no attempts to defend t-Rump’s actions that led to the impeachment – there are none; he did all that. But they still defend him motivated by their own political survival. Maybe they’re misreading how worn out their constituency is by the Cult of Personality Disorder, but that’s what they’re betting on.

A secret vote in the Senate might actually result in t-Rump’s conviction and removal from office. But Senate rules won’t change under McConnell. This means that every senator who votes to acquit t-Rump will have to OWN it on the campaign trail. Then we’ll see how that plays in Peoria and the rest of America. At this point, all the Republican senators are lining up for the Kook-Aid. That might be good for America in the long run.

scott prosterman

H. Scott Prosterman