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What is a person’s power? Who are America’s power elite? What kind of people are they? How do they get, keep and expand their power? This post answers these questions.

Power and America's Power Elite


Any person’s power is the person’s capability to control and accumulate resources of whatever kind and for whatever purposes. The more power a person has the higher the person is on my “power tower:”

The Power Tower

Level 5. Most powerful power elite.
Level 4. Less powerful power elite.
Level 3. The power elite’s functionaries
Level 2. Shrinking middle class.
Level 1. Low wage job holders.
Level 0. The jobless, homeless and street people.

The Power Elite

At the top level of greatest significance are the CEOs of the more consequential industries such as the warring and ammunition industries, the financial industry (behind every war are the “banksters” funding and profiting from the wars), the energy extraction industries, pharmaceutical and health care industries, agricultural, chemical and food industries and the communication industry.

Another small group of the power elite at the top level are not members of corporations. They are people who occupy key positions in America’s unelected shadow government or deep state such as in the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A few are influential advisors and ideologues such as members of The Defense Policy Board and certain think tanks.

At Level 4 are US presidents, key members of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court. Are you doing a double take about now? Yes, the U.S. president is not the most powerful person in America. JFK learned that the hard way and too late!

Level 3. These people are on the edge of power. They have the least power of the top three levels and are beholden to people at the higher levels. I call the people at Level 3 the “functionaries” because their function is to serve the people at Levels 4 and 5. For example, a scientist working at a company with a government contract who develops new nuclear weapons is a functionary; a drone bomb operator is a functionary; a foot soldier is a functionary. When the functionaries commit wrongdoing and evildoing, they usually have been ordered or expected to do so. Their superiors at the top two levels are mostly the plotters of wrongdoing and evildoing, but the difference between plotting and doing is mostly academic.

The Power Elite Under the “Psychoscope”

What kind of people are the power elite? Basically, they always have been and still are an unsavory and harmful bunch of people. Claiming that may or may not startle you, depending on how much you know about True America.

In my book “911!’ I put the power elite under my “psychoscope,” where I found after many years of looking roughly 10 characteristics that I can’t imagine you would want to see in your immediate family or next-door neighbors.

I will tell you briefly about two of them (see “911!” for all of them). One I call “human disconnectedness.” The other is psychopathology.

1. Human Disconnectedness. There are two kinds; near disconnectedness with family, with friends and neighbors down the street; and far disconnectedness like, not empathizing with the parents of little children killed by U.S. drone bombs. People at the top two levels of the power tower responsible for these drone killings probably have no empathy for the families of the murdered children, no feelings of guilt, and they morally rationalize their actions or are in a state of self-denial about them.

As for some first-hand evidence of human disconnectedness, read what three members of the power elite have said (many more examples are given in “911!”).

“I think this is a very hard choice, but the price we think the price is worth it.”—Madeleine Albright

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That was the heartless answer the former Secretary of State gave to “60 Minutes” reporter Lesley Stahl’s question about whether the price of sanctions against Iran were worth it considering half a million children died as a result.

“You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil. You know,
guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyway. So, it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them. Actually, it’s quite fun to fight them, you know. It’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people.”—Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis

“Mad Dog” was Secretary of Defense (read War) until President Trump fired him. Thank goodness!

“I'll never forget, I turned to Mr. Brown and I said, Mr. Brown, do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they dropped dead? He said, Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”—A corporate manager’s testimony

The person on the jury stand answering the plaintiff’s lawyer was a management official of an asbestos making corporation.

2. Psychopathology. This personality disorder has various forms such as lack of empathy toward others, lack of remorse, and arrogance. Believe it or not, serious studies by mental health professionals of the entire lot of U.S. presidents found them to be psychopathic (except for two presidents who died in office a few months after entering it).

You have now been given a very short “psychoscopic” portrayal of America’s power elite.

To understand the power elite’s behavior, however, requires more than knowing about their abnormal personal characteristics. The power elite, like all other human beings, do not live in a vacuum. The power elites of Corporate America and Government depend on the “props” each gives to the other, as we shall briefly see next.

Powerless Without Their Props

A prop gives support to what is being propped. In “911!” I identify and discuss a very long list of props. Here are just two of them, “dialing for dollars,” a prop Corporate America gives Government America and, “stay-out-of-jail cards,” a return favor.

1. “Dialing for Dollars.” In our corpocracy there would be no politicians were it not for Corporate America funding their election campaigns. Read this U.S. senator’s confession: “Nothing dominates the life of a senator more than raising money. Of any free time you have, I would say fifty per cent, maybe even more, is spent on fund-raising;” and “you’re dialing for dollars.” And he is just one Senator. Is it any wonder why politicians are corrupted by Corporate America? Over four billion dollars, incidentally, was spent in buying votes for the last 2016 presidential election.

2. Stay-out-of-jail” cards. Preschoolers know they can get away with being bad when the “rod is spared.” Corporate power elite sometimes even get by with murder, as is the case with the war, gun and ammunition industries. There are numerous ways in which Government America gets Corporate America off the hook.

Props are a big reason why America's power elite can do all their daily wrongdoing and evildoing that is the subject of the next Post.


Gary Brumback

911 Rescue America