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Given their personal characteristics and all their props, we would hardly expect any socially or morally responsible behavior from America’s power elite. What we get instead is the opposite, daily wrongdoing and evildoing.

Power Elite

After commenting on this kind of behavior in general, this Post lists a few examples of the power elite’s very irresponsible behavior and the harm caused by it (many more examples are described in “911!”).

Wrongdoing and Evildoing in General

Human behavior can be competent or incompetent, motivated or unmotivated and morally right or morally wrong. By their very nature wrongdoing and evildoing are immoral behavior that violates one or more of ten universal moral values (see “911!). Evildoing is “profoundly” immoral behavior in its very nature and consequences.

Human behavior has consequences that can be financial, psychological or physical or some combination of these. Wrongdoing and evildoing, as you know and will see illustrated momentarily, always result in harm of some kind to some people, except for America’s power elite who benefit from their own behavior.

A Few Examples from Corporate America

Defrauds American consumers in every way imaginable, costing them millions of dollars yearly. Allows unsafe and unhealthy working conditions, resulting in:

  • 6,000 workers per year dying from workplace accidents
  • 6 million workers every year suffering injuries due to such accidents and
  • 50,000 workers every year dying from illnesses related to occupational hazards (recall the asbestos company manager’s testimony in Post # 3).

Automates and outsources America’s jobs despite 6 million jobless Americans, and nearly 40 million Americans living in poverty. Industry pollutes our air and water, causing yearly 200,000 premature deaths from air pollution and exposing 63 million to unsafe drinking.

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America buys lethal weapons and uses to kill over time millions of people for the sole purpose of profit and more power.

The operations of the war, weapons and ammunition industries cause millions of deaths and widespread destruction.

The agriculture, chemical and food industries make unsafe growth hormones for farm animals, makes unhealthy pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers for food products resulting in 3,000 yearly deaths and millions of sick and hospitalized Americans.

The financial industry markets false investments, deliberately confuses customers, unduly denies insurance coverage and finances America’s wars resulting in widespread financial indebtedness, foreclosures and wars’ trails of harm.

The pharmaceutical and health care industries gouge prices, dilute drugs to boost profits, falsify drug safety tests resulting in unaffordable care and untreated and hazardous medical care as in more than 80,000 deaths in 10 years from doctors implanting untested devices.

A Few Examples from Government America

Buys lethal weapons and uses to kill over time millions of people (not counting the skyrocketing suicides of America’s Veterans) for the sole purpose of profit and more power. Operates torture chambers on U.S. military bases causing excruciating pain among innocent victims. Imprisons whistleblowers who lose their fundament right of freedom. Builds and operates a huge police state that monitors the citizenry and secretly collects data on it resulting in a cowered public with a loss of privacy and freedom. Let’s corporate crooks off the hook for causing widespread harm of all kinds.

The wrongdoing and evildoing of the power elite members of the Corpocracy are pervasive, occurring everywhere every day. Yet most Americans remain silent about it. Why? My answers are in the next post.


Gary Brumback

911 Rescue America