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The U.S. Government is shut down, Brexit is destroying Great Britain, and Trumputin wants to cause the U.S. to leave NATO. Putin, you are winning in your desire to completely destabilize the West. So…you must be assassinated to preserve world order.

Preserve World Order

It is becoming completely clear that Putin has his hands tightly around the gonads of our Commander in Chief, and is squeezing hard.

It is becoming completely clear that Putin has his hands tightly around the gonads of our Commander in Chief, and is squeezing hard. If he has not yet made Trumputin into a traitor to his country, he has certainly made him a "useful idiot". And our Dear President seems to be losing it. His father started developing Alzheimer's in his 70s and The Donald is already there. VP Pence is looking better and better.

If I suggested that Trumputin be assassinated, the Secret Service would be at my door the next day (even if they are not getting paid). But what if I suggested that someone assassinate Putin instead, freeing up the world from the grasp of this former KGB operative. Trumputin would be freed from the torturous squeeze of Putin on his private parts, and could return to just being the disgusting human being that we have come to know and hate. Britain could become Great again, and shove Brexit down where the sun don't shine. And Ukraine could become a member of NATO.

Several months ago, I was in Moscow. Getting there was difficult, as the procedure to get a Russian visa is extremely arduous. There are only five places in the U.S. to do this: Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, Washington and New York City. And the application requires you to state every organization you have ever belonged to, your last two employments, whether or not you ever served in the armed forces and participated in any war, and many other intrusive things about your life. It is so difficult that several private organizations have sprung up to help you get through the visa process. (Funny, all the people working there seem to have Russian accents.)

But we finally got visas (after my girlfriend was first denied hers for somehow failing to include the hyphen in her name on the visa application), and we arrived in Moscow in early September, 2018. I had been there in 1960 as a student, when I penetrated the Gary Powers U-2 spy trial by sneaking in the back door (I did not reveal this on my visa application), and much had changed in the 58 years since then. The bleak, Communist city filled with ugly buildings and KGB agents following you everywhere was now a modern city, with 21st century skyscrapers, and well dressed people.

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I was with a group of Chinese tourists, so as I traveled with them, I hunched down my 6'2" frame, and wore sunglasses and a hat to disguise my blue eyes and light colored hair. No one seemed to be interested in me. At the Kremlin, however, I met by chance a Russian who was a dissident, a woman who hated Putin and what she saw as the corrupt Russian Orthodox Church. Her dislike of Putin was extreme, and she said a lot of people in Russia thought like her. I wished her well.

Many groups worked to assassinate Hitler as the Second World War approached its final stages. The most well known of the over 40 attempts to kill Hitler was the one by the von Stauffenberg Group on July 20, 1944 which nearly was successful, wounding him in a bomb explosion. But they failed, and one wonders how many more Jews would have been saved from the concentration camps if the war had ended shortly after that failed attempt. Some say that the OSS, the predecessor of the CIA, had involvement in this attempted assassination.

We left Russia on a bus, crossing the Marfa River into little Estonia near St. Petersburg, a country that left the Soviet orbit in 1991 after Estonians continually sang their national anthem until the Communist regime running the country collapsed. It is now a NATO country. At the Russian border, I gave the stern, female Russian border agent my passport, and she looked me up on her computer screen. She glared at me, then at the screen, then at my passport, and then at the screen again, and frowned.

I thought of my American friend who on a recent trip to Russia was taken into another room as he sought to exit the country, and was questioned intensely for an hour or so before he was finally allowed to leave. But the border agent gave me a disgusted look (Why? Because I was an American? Because I was with a group of Chinese?), handed me back my passport and motioned me on.

I left, and won't be back…

Ted Vaill