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Opinions, it's often said, are like armpits; everyone has two, and damn near everyone shares 'em on Facebook, Twitter, or other usually anti-social media, usually with their "friends," adding their 2 cents worth to the overflowing piggybank of notions that get passed around. And now that I've mixed my metaphors rather messily, I'll get to the point.

reason democrats lost

We've spent more than six months now trying to explain the Trump phenomenon, this rolling disaster that has been engulfing the nation for well over two years now. This morning, I listened to a guy on a video saying that the real reason Trump won was because of the deeply embedded strain of racism in America's white folks, with too many of them still pissed about the audacity of a black family in the WHITE House.

I don't doubt that, but I think it's a mistake to over simplify the causes of the calamity. Off the top of my head, I started drafting an alphabetical list of reasons why Trump one (and sanity lost). I thought I might get to g or to f, but I ran through the alphabet of reasons and hadn't even run out of causes.

Here's my two cents worth on the subject.

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Yes, racism was surely a big factor, but so was misogyny (including on the Left). And let's not forget

  • a) she won,
  • b) the Russians,
  • c) Comey,
  • d) Jill Stein,
  • e) the NeverHillary assholes,
  • f) the usual petulance that always shows up on the Left when some of us don't get our politics tailor made,

Let's not forget that this deeply racist country elected Barack Obama. Twice. So the racism, though real enough, seems like an excuse more than a reason.

  • g) a gaga media show that gave Trump billions in free air time with far too little fact checking,
  • h) voter suppression,
  • i) gerrymandering,
  • j) dipshit apathy and indifference,
  • k) some likely hinky vote tampering in a handful of targeted districts,
  • l) evangelical block voting with a sub rosa political campaign waged in tax-free "Christian" churches,
  • m) a huge talk radio propaganda machine 24/7,
  • n) Limbaugh,
  • o) Fox and "Friends,
  • p) Koch bros,
  • q) Sheldon Adelson,
  • r) Walton family,
  • s) the Wall Street plutocrats who now occupy a bunch of cabinet seats,
  • t) American stupidity and the failure of education,
  • u) Bernie supporters who didn't heed Bernie when he was campaigning for Hillary,
  • v) Russian trolls posing as disaffected progressives repeating right wing smear points on left wing websites and social media,
  • w) the "I could never, ever, ever vote for the lesser of two evils" schmucks who helped give us greater evil, by far, as they allowed their desire for perfection to defeat the merely good,
  • x) the labor movement and its failure to do the kind of education campaigns they used to do that allowed the rank and file to understand what was at stake,
  • y) moldy oldie Reagan Democrats,
  • z) American male piggishness of the kind Trump exalts, along with Howard Stern and most fraternities and aging frat boys.

I could go on. So could you, no doubt. We could all add factors like too much timidity on the part of mainstream Democrats, the failure to extend an aggressive 50-state strategy on the part of the DNC, the concessions made to drag in so much campaign cash that was then so badly spent, the over emphasis on identity politics. Yadayadayada.

jaime oneill

But c'mon, racism was just the leg up the Republicans have had since Nixon's brilliant "Southern strategy," and let's not forget that this deeply racist country elected Barack Obama. Twice. So the racism, though real enough, seems like an excuse more than a reason.

Jaime O'Neill