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Sabina Virgo
May 3, 1943 - March 29, 2020


Sabina died peacefully at home after an 8-month fight against pancreatic cancer.

Shortly after her diagnosis, she wrote a letter to close friends to let them know what lay ahead. Reading her words will allow you to hear her goodbye message, in her own voice.

"A couple of weeks ago, I wasn't feeling so well, and finally got around to taking myself to Kaiser. Once there, they did some stuff, and they came up with the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Anyway, after tests and a hospital stay, I have been at home. I am in absolutely no pain. Just having some minor discomfort and am excessively tired. I have had amazing results from my first chemos with no ill effects; I will continue, two weeks on, one week off. The plan is to continue to get stronger and reclaim my life.

Do I wish I did not have this diagnosis? Of course I do. But – I really have no regrets in my life.

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I was born to parents who – if I could have made them up – I would have made exactly as they were. I have lived for the last 27 years with a man I love with all my heart – and who brings joy and laughter into my life every day. I embrace his children and grandchildren and am thrilled to be part of his family.

My first husband has a beautiful, boisterous and growing family and a caring and tender-hearted son all of whom I love and hold dear. I am embraced by forty years of friendship of my sister/women – who are as close to each other as if we were simply different parts of one person, and I am surrounded by close friends and a loving and supportive community. Part of that community are a registered nurse and a doctor, who have, with their usual generosity of spirit, taken me under their special care.

I have lived 76 years of what I hope has been a meaningful life. Being involved in the struggles to make this earth a place fit for life to flourish and be fulfilled in, I have had the opportunity to meet people I never thought I would know, or have the opportunity to work with, both at home and throughout the world. Those people and that struggle have given my life purpose and direction and joined me together with other good and righteous people working together for a re-imagined world.

I have had profound relationships throughout my life that I hold and treasure in my heart, many of which have helped to sustain me, and which are forever part of me. I have had many adventures, travels, loves, sorrows and joys. And whether they continue for another 8 years or 8 months……I am at peace."

— Sabina Virgo

A memorial will be scheduled when we are permitted to join together to celebrate Sabina. You can find much of her political writing at

Published in the Los Angeles Times from Apr. 2 to Apr. 5, 2020