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Sacrifice Separates Insurrectionists from Patriots

Los Angeles - Who are the false prophets of patriotism? The lost souls of democracy. Who are the ignorant self-serving people telling falsehoods and lies about our democracy? Who are the people that violently attacked our democratic institution (U.S. Capitol Building.) We know them as the insurrectionists and traitors of the January 6, 2020, failed coup.

The real freedom fighters of moral conscience and democratic values are those who stood up to defeat these fascists. The insurrectionists incorrectly believe that they are the defenders of our democracy.

The real freedom fighters of moral conscience and democratic values are those who stood up to defeat these fascists.

The insurrectionists have no clue what defending democracy is all about.

Harold Gonsalves Marine Corps private first class sacrificed his life as he smothers a grenade with this body to save the lives of his brothers-in-arms on the island of Okinawa. For sacrificing himself to save Marines in his company, he was awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously. He was just 19 years old.

Although his family faced discrimination at home, Harold never hesitated to join the fight against the Fascists Japanese Imperial Army. He was fighting to save our democracy against those who would destroy it. He suffered the ultimate sacrifice for his country. For his, we forever honor his heroism and sacrifice.

Staff Sergeant Joe Gandara single-handedly rushed two German machine-gun emplacements. His men were pinned down by the German soldiers. Gandara rushed an enemy position and destroyed three machine guns. He saved many soldiers' lives. He died from these wounds fighting against the Nazi forces. For his courage and unselfish action, he was awarded the Medal of Honor. He is a true hero for democracy.

First Lieutenant John R. Fox, an African-American soldier was awarded the Medal of Honor for distinguishing himself with extraordinary heroism at the cost of his own life. Lt Fox was a forward observer in WWII fighting the fascist's German army. With great courage, he ordered artillery fire on his own position. He also killed over 100 German soldiers before his death. Because of his actions, a counter attack by US forces stifled the advancing German infantry. Lt Fox saved the lives of many soldiers. 

These are the real heroes and defenders of democracy. Like so many others they fought to defeat the world fascists and the Nazi. Those who supported and those who participated in the insurrection on Jan 6, 2020, should be ashamed. The point is that we know who the real defenders of democracy are. They are not those who attempted a coup. They are not the insurrectionists.

Traitors in our land of democracy 

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On the other hand, there are people who are traitors to our country. Let us not forget those who wanted to destroy our democracy. Some of those people who stormed the U.S Capital in a coup attempt can be seen smirking as they talk on their cell phones. Others stand bragging about their actions. Can you imagine what they were saying as the violent insurrectionists tried to destroy our democracy? 

Any real or fictional representation of anyone resembling an insurrectionist below is purely coincidental.

Insurrectionist Caller: Hello honey. I finally got hold of you. Listen we’re in the U.S. Capital. Yeah, this is so exciting. Oh, don’t worry. I won’t get arrested. Why would they arrest me? No problem the police authorities aren’t even around. This is a great day for America. No one is going to stop us now. Wow, all these people. Got to go honey. We're looking around for some Democratic politicians to make an example of. See you soon.

Insurrectionist caller: Can you hear me? We’re in the building. Pete, are you listening? We’re in the U.S, Capital building. This is wonderful. I’m going to videotape on my cell phone. Turning around 360 you can see I’m in the capital rotunda. The big hall. Look, there’s a guy with a huge confederate flag. This great stuff. Pete, don’t forget to guide the others upstairs.

We didn’t break in just to leave peacefully. Hey, let me see if I can get someone to videotape me. They’re not arresting anyone. I can walk around all day with no problem. Anyways, they better not mess with me, I’m angry. We are shaking the halls of democracy. Don’t worry. I’ll catch the early morning flight home and post my pictures. Now I’m going inside the chambers. Look...

Donald Trump called the insurrectionists good people. He loves them. They are his kind of people. They claim to be fighting for American democracy because somehow the election was stolen. These people don’t even know what democracy values are all about. They don’t know what it means to sacrifice for our democracy.

It has now been reported that some of the insurrectionists arrested didn't even vote in the 2020 elections. Many will walk away from any form of discipline at all. There are politicians who want us to believe these insurrectionists were essentially nonviolent. And that it was Antifa who created all the violence. They don’t want us to believe what we witness and what the whole world witnessed. 

These are not people to emulate or to tolerate. They are traitors. The Republicans want us to forgive and forget. They know exactly what it means to be disgraced and labeled as a traitor. But they will deny it. In fact, they will do whatever is in their power to redirect away from such truthful talk. 

So let’s be clear. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Talyor Greene, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy, Donald Trump, just to name a few are not worthy of our respect. They desperately want you to forget the whole incident of Jan. 6. Let bygones, be bygones. I don’t think so and neither will millions of others. 


We must hold the Republicans who supported the insurrection and those who engaged in sedition accountable now, in 2022, and in the next presidential elections. Traitors don’t belong in our halls of Congress. Those who attempted to take over the U.S Capitol hate to be labeled as traitors.

 So tell the world. Traitors will not be tolerated. 

David Trujillo