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Shamus Goss

It’s a hard but true fact that success in the industry – any industry – is a hard-won fight. Even with raw talent and all the right tools, it’s all too easy to slip into obscurity. That is, if you even manage to get your foot in the door at all. What it’s all about are connections. Have the right ones on top of great chops and solid business sense, and you’ll go far. Lack in this area and success will be an uphill battle the whole way up.

For over 25 years, Shamus Goss has been one of the best (and indeed, steadiest) connections one could want. Bronx-born and with a music industry-presence since the young age of 17, he learned the value of hard work early on and learned the art of turning creativity into a steady profit. His unique background and perspective have enabled him to creative, innovative business solutions in several different areas, fields, and industries within music and without.

His initial success came in the field he started in all those years ago, with the entrepreneur managing an independent record company.

His initial success came in the field he started in all those years ago, with the entrepreneur managing an independent record company, overseeing the distribution and production of several chart-topping records. He continued building upon this, continuously pulling in wins and developing his business solution know-how before eventually wanting to try something slightly different.

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So, Goss left his town and career behind, searching for a new challenge and further personal and professional growth, relocating to Atlanta, and shifting his attention onto athletic apparel. The move was strategic but incredibly risky. That didn’t stop the entrepreneur, though, and it’s a good thing that it didn’t. It more than paid off in the end, as Goss’ career flourished more than ever before, with the man creating one of Georgia’s biggest team apparel companies, against all odds pulling in annual sales topping $1,000,000.

This major success sparked an even greater dedication and passion within Shamus, and he chose to continue utilizing these to his benefit. He then went on to form several other companies, including Magneto Home Solutions, Major Change Media & Ecom Titan Pro’s. Magneto Home solutions is a company that assists individuals in getting a better value in the real estate market. Major Change Media helps develop business’ online presence & Ecom Titan Pro’s which builds and manages fully automated E-commerce Stores for individuals looking for passive income. They have wound up equally profitable and fulfilling, securing regular 7-figure earnings and the respect of clients and community members alike.

What is Shamus Goss up to these days? Well, now he’s turned his attention to yet another venture in the hopes of giving back. The H.E.L.P Foundation arose from this desire, built on the idea that where there’s need, there should be help. The nonprofit does this by providing clothing, food, and other essentials to homeless individuals within Atlanta, functioning as a helping hand that forms community even amid great adversity.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Almost assuredly Goss’ most remarkable accomplishment, the foundation, and its creator have helped countless lives change for the better. And there’s no telling how far out the ripple effect will continue to travel in the years to come – a reminder that sometimes the greatest connections aren’t transactional.

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